You Can Dispense Treat To Your Pet Any Time: Petzi Treat Cam Unboxing And Review 2021

What is your pet really up to when you are away from home? Would you like to stay connected with them all the time regardless of your location? The Petzi Treat Cam helps you do just that and this Petzi Treat Cam review would explore the various options you have with the gadget.

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✅ Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Must-buy pet camera for 24/7 monitoring – You can keep a close eye on your pets while you are staying away from them. Home security can also be guaranteed when you are on trips or at office! The camera quality is absolutely great and the night version is also available.

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Petzi Treat Cam Overview: 4.6/5.0

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  • Usability        
  • AV-Quality        
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  • User-Reviews        

The user-friendly pet camera features a wide-angle Wi-Fi camera, high-quality audio, and a revolutionary remote treat dispenser to help you check in on and treat your pet whenever you see fit. This piece of technology is a great, interactive way to stay close to your pet whether you’re away on a trip, on vacation or at work.

Thinking of getting one now? Here’s a quick list of what’s great and what’s not about the Petzi Treat Cam.


  • Priced well below other pet cameras with similar features
  • Setup only takes a few minutes
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Treat dispenser; works well with dry, smaller treats
  • Night vision
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Petzi smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android) allows direct sharing of app media on social networks
  • Great product support and 1-year warranty


  • Has no motion alerts or camera zoom lenses
  • Occasional poor camera signal and app connectivity
  • Audio is not both ways. Owners cannot hear pet’s audio feedback
  • Does not record/store video for playback
  • Some users report that multiple treats get dispensed at once and some treats get stuck when launched

Unboxing The Device

When you first take the Petzi Treat cam out of the box, it reveals itself fitted nicely in its packaging. The entire cam weighs only about a pound, so it has a light, easy-to-carry feel. Its exterior finishing is not nearly as attractive as the more expensive Furbo, and the design not as sleek or modern. But there is no doubt that the camera is of high quality. The curved edges and flat back and bottom give you several mounting options for the pet camera. Its design makes it easy to mount it on walls without any protruding sides that your pet might chew on.

What’s In The Box?

On opening the box, you will find the Petri Treat Cam itself, a standard 6-foot AC power adapter, the universal mounting kit and some rubber feet, as well as some Petzila, approved sample treats. The power adapter has a long cord that can reach farther power outlets. It gives you the freedom of placing it only where it’s safe and convenient.

Design Highlights

The simple, plastic and rectangular design as highlighted in the Petzi Treat Cam review is part of its charm. You can set it up in many possible spots in your home and install the App on your smartphone and pairing it with a Wi-Fi connection. Don’t be fooled by its uninteresting appearance, the Petzi Treat Cam has several highlights for both pet owners and pets.

Petzi Treat Dispenser

The treat dispenser is the pet cam’s biggest selling point. Its design ensures that it is not easily broken into by mischievous pets looking to earn more underserved treats. The unit has a removable white cover over the treat dispenser. Once the cover is removed and the dispenser is open, there is a visible compartment. You can place a few treats in there, cover it back up, put it in its place and be on your way knowing the treats are safe and ready to be dispensed.

Night Vision

 The Petzi Treat Cam’s wide angle lens has night vision that allows you to see and screenshot black-and-white video of your pet in complete darkness or very dim lighting.

Video & Sound Quality

The resolution on the Petzi cam is not that great at 720p and often provides grainy video feeds. The wide angle lens 30fps HD camera does better than several others in the market that do not offer HD video quality. The audio quality on the Patzi is excellent. Volume and other sound settings can be operated from the app.

Technical Features

The Petzi Treat Cam (model no. PET0025-USA) is an exciting piece of technology that currently works with any home Wi-Fi. It uses a secured WPA/WPA2 password- enabIed802.11blgln connection to offer owners the full experience through the app, when away from their pets.

Smartphone App

The Petzi Cam app is available for download on all smartphones operating iOS (7.0 or newer) or Android (4.0 or newer) software, through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. User testing on both app platforms reveals no differences incompatibility, so you get to have all the controls with either phone.

Some of the features available through the app are:

  •  Treat dispenser: This feature helps you send your pet an exciting treat at any time with the snap of a button
  •  Sound notifications: These are useful for alerting your pets to your presence or before dispensing treats. On hearing the sound, most pets know to approach the camera.
  •  Photo capture: Owners can snap candid photos directly from the app’s video feed and save them to the device or upload them onto the social platform.
  •  Voice recording: click the microphone and speak to your pets clearly from anywhere
  •  Settings: Audio volumes can be adjusted to improve hearing

Petzi Social Network

The Petzi Social Network is a unique tech feature in the app that allows you to do your social media sharing easily. Upload snaps of your dog or cat and shares them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram instantly.

Final Verdict

This Petzi Treat Cam review shows that the pet camera is a great bargain when you consider all the features you get to use. The video quality, streaming speed and camera interface could do with some improvements that perhaps a web feed that bypasses the mobile application could help solve.

Two-way audio of the same quality would also put this camera in a league of its own, but compared to other pet cameras on the market it’s a good pick for any pet owner. You would also fall in love with the impressive customer support available for the Patzi Treat Cam and the 1-year warranty as well as the 30-day money-back guarantee.

In the U.S, the pet camera is available for purchase on several online retail sites and the official Patzi website. International customers would have to go through Amazon and verify their global shipping policy to their specific country.

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