World’s Top Persian Horse Breeds

The tale goes that the Persian horses descending from the tarpan were known as a breed long centuries before Christ. There is a theory that may be liberally discussed that Persian horses were ancestors of the Arabs, which finds a great justification in the looks and many characteristics common to both breeds. We may safely say that the Persian horse was a typical oriental horse of great beauty, full of quality, high-spirited, speedy, and courageous, making an excellent warhorse, much appreciated by Islamic warriors.

Today there are many different breeds in Persia: Persian Arab, the Turkoman horse, Shirazi horse (the Gulf Arab), the Kurdistan pony, the Karabagh, the Bokhara pony, the Yamoote, and some Russian breeds such as Orlov Trotters, etc.

The horse is a faithful pet animal. There are many breeds are in the world.

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