Why Dogs Should Use Nail Grinders? FAQs 2022

Why Dogs Should Use Nail Grinders?

Most dogs get frightened and irritated when their owners try to trim their claws. And this is not for no reason. Even if you have cut your pet’s nail to the quick, this painful and bleeding experience is enough for them to start hating the nail trimming process. Fortunately, there is an effective alternative to these tools via nail grinders! The latter is an absolutely painless nail-cutting solution. With such a tool, you can grind away the excess part of your pet’s claws quickly and effectively. These tools feature rounded grinders made of sandpaper or other similar materials. 

Depending on the size of your dog, you need to pick up the right grinder. Otherwise, it will either take an eternity to pedicure your pet’s all four paws or crack the gentle nails. Remember that a large dog nail grinder shouldn’t be applied to little puppies, and vice versa.

Another distinctive characteristic of a dog’s nail grinders is its cord/cordless property. According to corded dog nail grinder reviews, the biggest advantage of this type is the uninterrupted operation. You don’t have to think about changing the batteries or recharging the tool. Cordless grinders, meanwhile, make trimming much easier and more comfortable.

The dog nail grinder vs clipper ever-raging debate bothers perhaps every caring dog owner. There are both pros and cons of using pets’ dog grinders. Let’s start with the advantages.


Safety should be the primary point you need to provide to your dog. Choosing a dog nail grinder to trim your pet’s claws, you can control the process and not harm his nail cuticles. A grinder allows pedicuring your dog in several sessions to tire neither you nor your pet.

Healthier Nails

Due to a well-operating nail grinder, your dog’s claws will be healthier and look nicer. With such a tool, you can shape your pet’s nails as you wish according to the pet’s greed requirements. Additionally, if nail clippers cause cracks and split on dogs’ nails, this can’t be said about grinders. They guarantee smooth and flawless nails.

Now, let’s have a look at some disadvantages that pet nail grinders have.

Noise And Mess

Perhaps the biggest con of using a nail grinder is the noise. Although the best grinders are made to produce as little noise as possible, some dogs can’t stand even that just like kids at the dentist.

The nasty odor and dust that arise from grinding a dog’s nails are the next issue pet owners have to endure especially when they use the best big dog nail grinder on their huge four-legged friends. To minimize the unpleasant experience, you can grind the nails outdoors.

Low Speed

Even the best dog nail grinder is not as quick as a nail clipper. It really takes at least several minutes to grind one single nail whereas nail clips do the whole job in a matter of seconds.

Interesting facts About Dog Nails and Grinders

  1. Dogs nails come in various colors depending on the color of the surrounding skin and hair.
  2. Dogs’ back claws are generally shorter than front ones. And if the dog walks on abrasive surfaces, you can go without trimming the nails on his back paws.
  3. Dogs’ nails can be affected by Cancer. The first signs are swelled toes and the nails’ falling off.
  4. Proper constant nail trimming improves the overall health of a dog.
  5. Dogs’ nails tend to curve as they grow. If grown too much, they can form even 360-degree loops.

How To Grind Your Pet’s Nails?

It’s crucial to know well how to use nail grinder on dog before passing to the immediate work. There are a few steps by following which, your pet will not feel depressed by the whole process. Prepare the area by slightly cutting back the fur on the paws and allowing a better access to nails. Once you are ready, adhere to the following few steps.

Acclimate Your Pet To The Noise

Dogs just as all other animals may be startled by sudden noises. And even if you are using the best dog nail grinder, it will produce certain noise and vibration. To acclimate your pet to it, switch it on several times near your dog prior to starting the grinding. If you notice any anxiety, you’d better postpone the grinding and let the dog get familiar with it for a couple of days. Turn on the grinder, press it to your dog for him to feel the vibration, and let him get a close look at it on regular basis. This way the grinder will become a part of your pet’s life and something too ordinary to be afraid of.

Reward Your Pet For Good Behavior

It’s important for a dog to associate a pedicure with positive reinforcement. For this, praise your pooch or give him a treat after successfully grinding each nail. This should be done at least during the first several times.

Agree To Short Sessions

If you find your pooch is somewhat nervous and impatient during the pedicure, you’d better not insist but cut it short. Even if you haven’t managed to grind the dog’s claws to the necessary length, give your pet time to relax. You can restart the work the next day. This way, you will have a better idea of how to use a dog nail grinder to ensure safe and efficient results without compromising your dog’s emotions.

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