What Do Ferrets Eat? Ferret Nutritional Requirements Overview

The diet should be varied and balanced.

Since ferrets specialize very easily, you should feed very different things right from the start, otherwise, they will get used to one type of food or type of food and there is a risk of illnesses due to a one-sided diet.

If you get to know different foods right at the beginning, you will then continue to love the variety.

Dry food must always be available.

It is just as important to feed raw meat or day-old chicks (not everyone likes it). Under no circumstances should you feed pork, all other types of meat can also be given raw.

Some ferrets like to eat fruit and vegetables, but they shouldn’t be given too much, as the ferrets hardly use them.

Since eating should also be a job and they should also “work out” the food, dry food can be given in a food ball.

Healthy snacks for in-between meals and as treats: Various vitamin pastes are very popular with ferrets as a reward. It is not harmful to the ferrets if you give low-dose vitamin pastes every now and then as a treat or as a distraction during examinations or treatments. But too many vitamins can be harmful to health.


  • Water is very important for ferrets. It should by no means only be available in nipple drinkers but also in open water bowls. If you take heavy ceramic bowls, they will not be thrown over.
  • Too little water leads to kidney problems and diseases, among other things. Drinking is particularly important when feeding dry food.
  • Sugar is harmful to ferrets. As with humans, for example, it is bad for the teeth.
  • Even ready-made feeds that are too salted are not good for your health.
  • Never feed pork.
  • Do not give milk. The lactose contained in milk leads to diarrhea. But you can give cat milk every now and then, most ferrets love it. You can also give the cat milk diluted with water.

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