What Are Pigs Sleeping Habits?

Potbelly Pig Sleep Routine: Hour Care & Bed Schedule

My mini pig has always slept a lot. When he had just returned home, he slept most of the time – we thought it was really boring. But it’s always like that with babies, they need a lot of sleep. As he got a little older, he was awake more and more. At the age of six months, he was awake almost all afternoon from the time the children came home until he went to bed at about 21.00. He often falls asleep in my lap on the couch for a while in the afternoon, but it only lasts for about 30 minutes. In the evening he also likes to fall asleep in my lap. But when we get up and go to bed, he wakes up and has to go up the stairs to the bedrooms himself.

He sleeps all night without us being disturbed – he always has! Sometimes he is up and paws a little, but walks quickly and lies down again.

When he was little, he lay in his sleeping blanket in the bathroom. When he got a little bigger and started moving around the blanket, we put a pillow on the floor so that he would always have something soft to lie on. When we moved him out in the hall, he got two pillows so that the sleeping area would be a little bigger. But pretty quickly we realized that it will be both cold and hard to lie there so we bought a dog basket of softly padded edges and where everything is made of fabric. It is so cozy and g o! It was important that it had slightly higher, soft edges because my mini pig likes to put his chin on something when he is going to “smack” himself to sleep. He often seeks a hand or forearm when lying on his knee. In this he has his down blanket which he beds a little with. My mini pig is not so careful about bedding, but I have read on many others’ pages about how their friends squat around and bed well for a long time with both duvets and pillows before they go to bed. My mini pig just steps into his bed, crawls under the covers and lies down. It’s wonderful when you realize what individual personalities they are!                                           

As soon as my mini pig gets the chance, he wants to sleep in our double bed. But never when he goes to bed at night. Then he crawls into his bed. But on the days when it is time to rest, he likes to jump up in our bed, as well as in the morning when it is time to cuddle. For us, it is important that he sleeps in his bed at night so that we can have night faith. Where he sleeps when we are not at home does not matter to us, the most important thing is that he feels good when he is alone. If a little extra warm, mother-smelling down comforters make his life better, we think it’s perfectly OK.

On the weekend when we are free, he wakes me up at 7.30 – 9.00, then he can lie in our bed for a while. It should be kissed properly then, then he lies on his side to be scratched. He usually falls asleep immediately and sleeps for about another hour.

My other pig has its own ritual at bedtime; ” Sleep time ” is an important expression in her world because it means that she gets two apples to munch on as part of her ” go-to-bed-routine”. The funny thing is that she knows she gets two apples, neither more nor less. After the first, she comes and wants another but after the second she just comes and cuddles, then she goes to bed. A mathematical genius about someone!  

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