Wanna Capture Your Pets At All Angles? 360-Degree Rotating iFamCare Helmet Pet Camera Review 2021

When iFamCare started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of their 360-degree rotating pet camera, hundreds of excited pet parents invested to make the dream come true.

Aside from recording high-quality videos, the device boasts auxiliary features including an air quality sensor and a laser pointer that you can control remotely via your mobile device.

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✅ iFamCare Helmet: 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Home Video Monitor

Best home video monitor you can’t live without it – The camera is helpful when owners leave their pets at home for going trips. You can play with your cats with the installed laser pointer even you are outside! The good quality of the monitoring system and the stable network will bring the best accompany to your pets!

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Exploring other similar home video monitors before moving on!

iFamCare Helmet Pet Camera Overview: 4.0/5.0

  • Design: 4/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • User-Reviews: 3.5/5

How does the iFamCare Helmet compare to the plethora of other cameras on the market? This comprehensive pet cam review will cover all of the things that separate the Helmet from its competition.


  • You can see your fur babies from any angle no matter where you are in the world.
  • The 360-degree view and mobile alerts make the Helmet a sufficient security camera.
  • The Helmet is the only pet cam that offers expandable memory.
  • An air quality sensor keeps you and your pets safe from pollutants.
  • The price tag is very reasonable considering the number of features.


  • The device lacks a treat dispenser.
  • Both sides cannot transmit audio simultaneously.


The instruction manual thoroughly explains how to download the software needed to sync the iFamCare Helmet with your phone so that you can start playing with your pet from far away. If you need technical help, iFamCare has a support center that you can call at any hour.

What’s Included

  •  The Helmet Pet Camera
  •  Power adapter
  •  Quick Start Guide
  •  Wall mount kit


The Helmet Pet Camera is not a device that your pet wears on its head; rather, it is called the “Helmet” because the camera itself looks like something a Star Wars villain might wear. You can lay it on a table or mount it on the wall using the enclosed kit.

The laser pointer emanates from the direction that the camera is facing, so the whole device rotates as you control it remotely. You can choose between a white or black model.

Technical Features

  •  The air quality sensor screens for 20 pollutants including carbon monoxide.
  •  The night vision feature allows you to monitor your pets and your home at all hours.
  •  You can store photos and HD videos via the cloud or an external memory card.
  •  The Helmet can send sound and motion alerts to your phone.
  •  The iFamCare software lets you quickly share your pictures and videos on social media.
  •  The two-way speakers allow you to communicate with your pets or other people in your home.
  •  You can even sync multiple Helmet Pet Cameras and control them all with one device.

Performance Review

Commenters on pet cam review forums are in agreement that the Helmet delivers unparalleled video performance. The base is flat and sturdy, which is needed to support the camera’s rotating capabilities. Unlike other pet cameras, the Helmet also serves as a practical home monitoring system thanks to its 360-degree view and optional mobile alerts. Rather than having a separate microphone and speaker, the Helmet has a built-in half-duplex voice intercom system similar to a walkie-talkie.

Unfortunately, this means that while you and your pet can hear each other, both sides can’t receive audio at the same time. Compared to our previous pet cam review subjects, the Helmet is relatively inexpensive despite its extensive features.

Final Verdict

The 360-degree view is just one of several features that make the Helmet one of the most popular pet cams available. Find out for yourself why the Helmet is receiving so much praise from pet cam review experts.

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