Understanding Your Cat Through Cat Questions (Part 7) 2022

Having Uncomfortable Dandruff

I don’t itch and I don’t chew on my fur. Why do I have so much dandruff that it is very uncomfortable?

Dandruff occurs when a cat is unwell when its skin is infested with mites, or simply when the humidity in the house is low and the central heating is running at full capacity.

Having Ringworms

My hosts learned from their doctor that they had ringworm, and the shadow blamed me for infecting them. But how can this be when I do not have it, and my fur coat is in excellent condition?

Ringworm is a fungal disease that is spread by microscopic spores and can be compared to athlete’s foot in humans.

Diseases Infecting People

Are there other diseases that I can inadvertently infect people, then if I myself am healthy?

Naturally, humans are more likely to become infected by other people than cats, but there are several diseases or rather plagues that, in addition to fleas, scabies and ringworm, are transmitted from cats to humans.

People Turning Away After Breathing On Them

Why do people turn away when I breathe on them? Because I’m splashing saliva?

Bad breath in cats is quite unpleasant; it is caused by bacteria that grow in decaying food and infected gums. Usually, cats keep their teeth and gums in good condition by chewing on their skin and bones. They use their beautifully shaped upper and lower canines to give rodents an instant, deadly bite, thrusting them swiftly between the cervical vertebrae and gnawing at the spinal cord. Small incisors gnaw bones, and sharper molars gnaw and tear prey.

Still Feeling Unwell After Having A Flu Shot

Although my vet gave me a flu shot, I keep sneezing and watery eyes ever since I was brought in from the cat camp. Why is this happening?

Cats are regularly vaccinated against feline flu, but they can still show signs of the flu, even if they have not had contact with other cats. If the cat was in a feline boarding house, then she was at serious risk. In addition to the two common viruses that the standard influenza vaccine targets, there are others that cause flu-like symptoms. One, chlamydia, is common enough to be vaccinated against, but it is not always part of the routine vaccination process. Perhaps chlamydia is to blame for the fact that the cat has chronically watery eyes after she visited the boarding house. Long-term antibiotic treatment can help.

Effects On Aspirin On Cats

All my life I have loved to climb everywhere, but now whenever I jump off the kitchen table, I feel pain. Will aspirin help me?

Aspirin is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, but it is very, even deadly for cats. First, you need to get an answer to the first and most important question: what is the cause of the pain?

Going Blind As A Cat

What is the likelihood that I will go blind, and is it worth living if this happens?

Fortunately, cats are less likely to go blind, and most cats continue to enjoy life. Cats, unlike dogs, have far fewer hereditary causes of blindness. Cataracts may develop, caused by or previous damage to the eye, or more often as a result of diabetes. The tendency to develop cataracts is most observed in Siamese cats.

Connection Between Having White Fur Coat, Blue eyes And Deafness

I have wonderful blue eyes and a gorgeous shiny white coat, but I can’t hear anything. Is there any connection between these phenomena!

Yes. There is a genetic link between white fur coats, blue eyes, and deafness. When they began to breed Persian cats, they tried to increase the blueness of the eyes by the selection, but at the same time, they encountered numerous cases of deafness. If cats were bred with natural orange eye color for them, then deafness did not appear.

Number of Fingers

I recently counted my fingers and was shocked to find that I have twenty-four. Shouldn’t there be only eighteen?

Extra toes are normal and occur in nearly ten percent of cats everywhere except in the northeastern United States and Canada’s coastal provinces, where the percentage is higher.

More About Anesthesia

I need to have surgery, but I’m afraid of anesthesia. What are the dangers of anesthesia and what happens when I am operated on?

The risk associated with the use of anesthesia is very low. Different types of anesthesia are used for different procedures.

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