Training Your Kitty at Home: Ways to Spend the Pandemic Meaningfully [teaching the Order in the House 2022]

You can train your kitten not to sit or lie on the dining table by constantly removing it from there or pushing it to the floor. In the end, he will understand what is required of him. It will be more difficult not to let him sleep in your bed. No matter how much you chase him away in the evening, going to bed, at night, when everyone is asleep, he will still make you happy with his company. Your baby wants to sleep with you for one simple reason: your bed is warm, soft, and dry. If you come up with a “rookery” especially for him, where it will be warmer, softer, and drier than under your blanket, he will undoubtedly prefer it to your company. Just do not be offended by him in this case for “betrayal”.

It is basically impossible to wean a cat from “sharpening its claws”. Punishing an animal for spoiling the tablecloth, carpet, sofa upholstery means causing chronic stress in an innocent animal. The suppression of instinctive forms of behavior has an unusually bad effect on the mental state of any animal, including humans. “Sharpening” is a natural need for a cat and a cat. To protect your furniture from deterioration, you should put at the disposal of the animal something that he thinks is much more attractive than a carpet or sofa. A piece of mat, an old viscose rug of a rough weave, a piece of “slab” right with the bark will suit your pet perfectly. It will be enough for a very small kitten to show where in your house it is customary to climb with the help of claws, as he will learn a lesson from the very first time. Nail ” when he has such a wonderful thing at his fingertips – that is, under his paw. The small hassle of equipping the “climbing frame” will pay off with interest. When visiting your friends – the owners of the cat – pay attention to the condition of the sofa upholstery in the lower part closer to the floor. Ask how many expensive and still quite new things the animal ruined during its short life in this house. Analyze the answer, add the analysis result to my recommendation and – go for it!

Order In The House

Cats are known to molt. At the same time, no matter how carefully they are licked, a significant part of the wool remains wherever only the animal has managed to lie down or sit. In the spring and early summer, the cat can be combed, helping her to get rid of the hair that has already fallen out. But what if you find this occupation boring? And even more so, you will not be able to force your children, instead of playing with a funny fluffy friend, sit next to him for half an hour a day with a fine comb or brush. Vacuuming the cat is another matter entirely! Will your boy really give up such an exotic pleasure, from such a wild, from the point of view of prim grandmothers, occupation, from “real disgrace”, about which, in addition to everything, you can tell your friends! But, of course, such “combing” and, in fact, did not turn into mockery of the animal, it is necessary to teach the kitten not to be afraid of this procedure in childhood. You should start by simply playing with the baby with a vacuum cleaner brush – removing it from the pipe. You need to take a bristly brush, not a plastic one. The kitten will love this game. All cats – both toddlers and adults – love to play with any kind of brush. With their coarse fur brushes, they look so much like real animals! You can hunt it like prey! Or, quite the opposite, you can imagine that the brush is a mother cat who washes her kitten. Paint a kitten – invite your cat to “think” about the brush. Play with your kitten with a vacuum cleaner every day. And if necessary – calmly, without focusing the animal’s attention on what is happening, but also without interfering with his observation – use the brush as directed: put on the pipe from the vacuum cleaner and clean the carpet. From time to time, right next to a working vacuum cleaner, you can start distributing gifts: cheese, raw meat, anything that the baby especially likes and what he is rarely treated to. I assure you, by the time your animal has a problem with molting, the vacuum cleaner will be his best friend.

But if the idea of ​​cleaning a cat with a vacuum cleaner is not to your liking and you categorically refuse to follow my strange recommendation (which does not at all give me the right to classify you as an inveterate conservative), then, precisely without teaching the kitten not to be afraid of a vacuum cleaner (and cats somehow instinctively avoid this harmless household appliance), you will be able to use it in the future to carry out educational actions in a completely different way.

The cat of my close friend from childhood was terrified of a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, they did not manage to wean her from the ugly habit of begging during family dinners. She especially annoyed and often put her owners in an awkward position when guests came to the house. However, my friend once noticed that the cat’s fear of the vacuum cleaner extends to its individual parts, as well as its equipment – pipes and nozzles. It turned out that even at the sight of a completely harmless narrow nozzle for cleaning heating radiators, the cat is horrified and flees. Since then, every time before the arrival of guests, my friend hid this miniature attachment on the seat of a chair, near the back. And as soon as her cat entered the room in order to collect from those present, in her opinion, the tribute in the form of pieces of sausage, sprat, slices of tomatoes and cheese, her hostess, unnoticed by the participants of the feast, showed her the aforementioned nozzle from the vacuum cleaner. For at least an hour, the tax collector did not harass the audience with her harassment.

In general, if a kitten does not allow you to have a quiet lunch, begging for a handout, or is constantly trying to steal your cutlet from a plate, is it not easier to assume that he is simply hungry or at least not getting enough food? Don’t be afraid to overfeed your baby. It may happen to a puppy that he eats too much food from me in one sitting, which will most likely cause him digestive problems. The cat eats exactly as much as it needs at the moment. The same goes for the little kitten. If you gave your cat a lot of fish or meat, he, after being full, carefully (“bury” the excess – to feast on the “stash” later, when the appetite wakes up again. By the way, in this way you can find out if the cat is full or that the food offered to her is of poor quality. Fresh, usable food even not very much loved by her, a well-fed cat will surely “dig in” – of course, symbolically: two or three polite movements of the paw and that’s it. The animal will sniff inedible food, it may express its bewilderment to you, but it will not “bury” it – it will simply step aside. In general, cats amuse their owners with the habit of constantly burying something. Let me tell you a typical episode as an example. In the morning for breakfast, my husband cooked himself oatmeal and, putting the bowl of porridge on the table, went to the refrigerator to fetch butter. At that very moment, our cat, returning from a walk, jumped from the crossbar of the window to the window sill and was in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. Apparently, imagining that the porridge was for her breakfast, she sniffed the bowl. The smell of oatmeal didn’t make her very enthusiastic,

Therefore, the cat immediately, right on the table, slowly “dug” the bowl. Her actions attracted the attention of the cat, which just at that moment entered the kitchen. The cat was a little surprised that breakfast for cats was served on the table, and not in the usual place, but just in case he jumped on the table and, following the cat’s example, also sniffed the contents of the bowl. And, apparently, out of a sense of solidarity with the cat, he also diligently “buried” the oatmeal and was just about to jump to the floor when a teenage kitten, which temporarily lived in our house, climbed onto the table, imitating the elders. I think there is no need to specify what happened next. Thus, “daddy’s porridge”, to everyone’s delight, was “buried quite deep.” Which, of course, did not prevent the head of the family from digging out without much difficulty

Many are amused when cats and cats take part in a family lunch or dinner, sit decorously near the table (on the floor or on the couch, if they are allowed to) and wait for their portion of “human” delicacies, sometimes, in fact, they are far from so tasty like raw meat with appetizing crunchy cartilage or fish tail, but … Do these strange creatures – people – find some pleasure in eating, for example, a vegetable stew or fried potatoes? There is probably something in this! And it’s just nice, to tell the truth, to sit at a common family table, to communicate on equal terms, to make sure that they treat you seriously and do not consider you unworthy to be called “a real family member”. Cats who try their best to behave decorously and dignified during a joint meal are unusually funny. But it’s really decent to behave like this as it should be for educated animals living with “decent people”, they are capable when they are full. If hunger brought them to the family table, you will not see anything funny and touching. They can ruin your appetite and extremely upset you with annoying melancholy meows, attempts to quietly pull something off the table, “vile” antics: the cat pretends that the food does not interest him at all, that he just wants to cuddle you – completely disinterestedly! Obviously ignoring your plate, he, turning his tail towards it (as a sign of deep contempt for flesh food), with a soulful expression on his face, begins to rub his fluffy cheek against your chin. You, imbued with emotion, do not drive him off your knees, but tenderly grumble indistinct praises, sitting in a rather uncomfortable position, prick a piece of meat on a fork, bring it to your mouth, but … a cat with a piece of meat cleverly removed right from the tip of a fork is already far away – under the bed, for example. And from there there is a hasty chomp, interspersed with a cautious rumbling.

Is it worth the accusation of “treachery” and “meanness” on an animal that does this? Isn’t it obvious that you are just feeding your cat poorly? “Well, you won’t be enough for this glutton! – perhaps you will say. – He can eat from morning to evening, no matter how much he is given!” But I assure you, you don’t need to give the animal food a little ten times a day! Perhaps this is the reason for the strange gluttony of your pet. Cats should be fed twice a day, but to their fill! And begging, and even more theft will stop by itself. And a cat’s diet should, of course, consist mostly of fish and meat, because the cat is a predator. In addition to fish and meat dishes, she will gladly eat some vegetables, bread, cottage cheese, but if you regularly (out of economy, for example) feed the animal with vegetables and bread,

In the “fish” regions of our country there is a reason to make fish the basis of the diet for cats and cats. Fish is as natural, natural food for these animals, as is the meat of small animals and birds. even in small towns and villages, in ordinary markets, you can always find grandmothers and teenagers selling “trifles” caught, as a rule, on the same morning in a river that flows nearby, or in a pond.

And what can we say about those cities in which it is customary to bring live pond fish to food markets in water tanks! In the same cisterns from which a huge carp or a giant silver carp will be fished for you, very small crucians, with a finger the size of a finger, are delivered to retail outlets.

And the “trifle” trader does not stand idle. In front of its counter, a queue instantly lines up, in which you can see representatives of all conceivable classes, age and social groups! In these small, but very busy lines, you will not meet except government members and babies. A huge number of owners of cats and cats, regardless of educational level, family and social status, as well as political views, feed their four-legged leopards, murkas, toms and fluffs with fish.

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