Train Yourself Before Your Dog? [7 Common Problems Owners Need to Work on]

7 Common Behaviour Problems You May Have When Training Your Dog

Never Punish Your Dog For Coming When Called

NEVER chastise your dog for running away when he returns. He does not understand that he’s being punished for having run away – he thinks he’s being punished for having returned!

Never Give Attention To Bad Behaviour

When your dog misbehaves do not reward the behavior by giving attention to him. Ignore him when he begs. If your dog pulls you in one direction – simply turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Most importantly, find your pup doing correct behaviors and immediately lavish him with praise and reward.

Never Yell At Your Dog To Stop Barking

When you yell at your dog when he is barking “Stop that! What’s the matter with you?” etc. – he thinks you are joining in his ‘barking game’. What should you do? Turn him in a different direction – tell him “No.” – then reward him when he stops.

Always End Dog Training Sessions With Success

If you are having a difficult dog training session do not end the session with anything but success. Have your dog perform something he is already good at doing – and that he enjoys doing – – then reward his success! It’s important that your dog view his dog training sessions as fun and as a way he will succeed at pleasing you.

Do Not Use Physical Punishment As A Training Method

Reward works better than punishment. Period. Set your dog up for success – then immediately reward and praise! Remember that positive reinforcement has a snowballing effect: the more you reward good behavior, the more it occurs, the more opportunity you have to reward it …

Never Combine “No!” With “Come” Or His Name

Never combine the correction “NO!” with your dog’s name or with the come command. This will completely confuse your pup. And never use the ‘come’ command unless you CAN enforce it. (In other words, until your dog has 100% recall – do NOT use the come command off-leash!)


Because these truly are the components of all successful dog training programs.


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