Top Persian Horse Breeds Worldwide

According to one version of the legend, the Persian horses that descended from the tarpan were already recognized as a breed many centuries before the birth of Christ. There is a notion that can be freely debated that suggests that Persian horses were the ancestors of Arab horses. This theory finds a great deal of validity in the appearance and many features that are shared by both breeds of horse. We can confidently conclude that the Persian horse was an example of a classic eastern horse in that it possessed tremendous beauty, an abundance of quality, high-spiritedness, speed, and courage, and that it was an excellent warhorse that was highly regarded by Islamic fighters.

There are several different breeds of horses in Persia today, including the Persian Arab, the Turkoman horse, the Shirazi horse (also known as the Gulf Arab), the Kurdistan pony, the Karabagh, the Bokhara pony, the Yamoote, and even certain Russian types like Orlov Trotters and others.

The horse is a faithful pet animal. There are many breeds are in the world.

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