5 Tips To Choose The Best Outdoor Dog Activity Toys & Play Equipment To Keep Them Busy

Toys are important for the physical and mental development of your dog.

Providing suitable mental and physical stimulation is important in keeping your dog happy.

Encouraging positive activities is also a key factor in avoiding destructive behavior. Bored dogs will often find their own means of entertainment, which may well involve digging flower beds, chewing plants, and working on escape routes. All of these are not only detrimental to the garden but more importantly, hazardous to the dog and its well-being.

Chew toys can keep dogs occupied whilst owners carry on with other activities.

Chewing stimulates brain activity, helps with teething and jaw development in younger dogs, and helps keep teeth clean and healthy.

Dogs left alone for any period of time – in a dog run or inside the house – are usually happier if left with toys to chew on.

Leaving toys around the garden can reduce the chance of your dog chewing on sticks, tree roots, or other garden objects.

Sticks and branches may be toxic to dogs. Splinters of wood may cause problems if ingested. Timber may be treated with preservatives that can poison dogs.

It is altogether much better – for both your dog and your garden – that your dog is encouraged to chew on suitable toys, rather than find their own objects to chew at random.

Balls, frisbees and rope toys can enable interaction between humans and dogs. 

In fact, any sort of play develops and strengthens bonds between owner and dog. And play sessions are a wonderful way to teach your dog good manners while also having fun!

Debbie Mckean’s ‘Nothing In Life Is Free’ (or ‘NILIF’) program offers a good set of principles around which to structure play – and general interaction – with your dog.

If your dog is inclined to chew up and destroy regular frisbees and balls, you can try extra-tough toys specifically made for dogs, such as the Kong Rubber Flyer or Kong Air Dog Football Dog Toys both designed to stand up to destructive dogs.

Kongs and Nylabones provide heavy-duty options for powerful and determined chewers.

Kong Toys can be stuffed with favorite foods. Placing them in the freezer for a couple of hours before giving them to your dog makes it harder for them to get the food out.

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