Surveillance Of Your Cat Or Dog: Pawbo Petcam Review 2021

Surveillance of your cat or dog comes in handy in keeping touch with your pet and reducing the mischief and damage that they always cause when left unattended. The new Pawbo pet cam has got you covered on this. The camera carries along some cool features that would blow you away.

Pawbo Petcam Review Overall Score: 4.1/5

  • Design: 4/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4/5
  • Features: 4.5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

It has a treat dispenser that allows you to toss food to your pet at your will. In the Pawbo Pet camera review below, we will cover the features and functionality of the camera that will make it your first choice when it comes to pet cam shopping.


There are various advantages the camera possesses that makes it stand tall over similar cameras. They include;

  • It is made from high-quality materials hence an assured durability.
  • Its user guide makes it easy to use and understand.
  • It has enhanced interaction that is quick and accurate.
  • It is easy to set up, and almost everyone can do it.
  • It has refined response capability.
  • Its sleek design makes it versatile and easy to place in all environments.


Although the camera carries along several wow factors, it has a few drawbacks. They are as follows;

  • It has poor image quality that is not reliable.
  • Its Wi-Fi network and app registration has poor networking hence reducing its reliability.
  • It lacks a night vision hence cannot be used in the dark or extremely dim light.

What’s In The Box Of The Camera?

It impressive how small the camera is when you take it out of the box and set your eyes upon it. It comes in two shades of colors, a white shade with a black modification that is eye-catching. Inside the box, are some of the items that makes it easier to use.

  •  A user guide- This is the manual that carries the setup technique and instructions on how to use the camera.
  •  110-240 AC power adapter to allow easy connection to sources of energy.
  •  The Pawbo pet camera- this is what we intended to purchase.

The Cameras Design

The pawbo camera has a dimensional size of 7.9×4.4×4.4 inches. This small and sleek design gives the camera the size flexibility it needs to fit in many spaces. You obviously don’t need a bulky camera on your living rooms that would take all the attention away from your furniture. It is made of plastic material that is of high quality and less sturdy at the same time.

In case you have an adventurous pet that likes to run around and pouncing on things, you are advised to place it on a higher surface such as a shelf top to avoid breaking. The camera has a zebra-like look. It is a blend of black and white that helps in a big way to camouflage with the objects in your house. It is designed with two led lights near its lenses to show you when it is in operation.

The rear view of the camera attests to its simply design. It features a power cord that allows easy installations to energy sources. A reset button that reverts its use to the normal settings. A WPS button for owners that have WPS protection on their routers. It also incorporates two speakers on its back side that allow you to talk to your pet through an enhanced audio relay. Certain people prefer to mount their cameras on walls. Well, this is made possible through two screw holes at the back of the camera.

Features Of The Pawbo Pet Cam

 The camera carries along some features that are work in concert to give the best pet camera experience.
 It relays high-quality videos.
 It has a 720p front facing camera that helps in a big way to deliver high-quality images in times of bright as well as dim light. The camera has 110 degrees angle lens that allows accurate image capture. This camera has the capability of saving video recordings and snapshots directly to the drop box.

The Smartphone App

This app is available in your Google store and Apple stores. It is easily integrated with your camera, and you can view live footage and initiate activities remotely through it. This app experience helps make interaction with your pet convenient as you can use it regardless of your location.

Sound Quality

The pawbo app allows you to communicate to your pet at any time wherever you are. You just need to click the microphone on the app, and the message is delivered through the speakers. Your pet would never experience loneliness again when you are far away from home. The sound of your assuring voice is enough to put it at ease.

Treat Dispenser

Through the pawbo app, and you can control the treat dispenser. You just need to open the app and give commands that would dispense treats at your pet at any time. It is recommended that you break the treats into sizable pieces so that they do not get stuck in the dispenser.

The Laser Games Are Redefined

With just a simple click on your app, you can move the laser around. Cat owners realize the curiosity and activeness a shifting dot on the wall could initiate. This helps in a big way to eradicate boredom from your pet.

Sound Effect

This helps get the pet’s attention at all times. If in case you want to give the pet a treat, you can just click the sound effect to get their attention. You could also use it as a warning system against any mischief that they could be up to.

The performance of this pet cam incredible especially because it can be integrated with your phone. Most clients are conversant with the use of smartphone apps. Almost no contact with the camera ensures that it suffers little or no damage hence it stays operational for a long time.

Final Verdict

The pawbo pet cam is the best choice of gadgetry for interact with your pet. It carries a wide array of features in just one model. Its enhanced social media sharing potential makes it possible to share your pet’s funny videos with friends on the internet. Spend quality time with your pet will still at work or on a shot trip to the grocery store.

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