Study For Your Cat’s Healthy Life: Diseases And Their Symptoms In Cats (2022)

Fortunately, most cat owners don’t even know what a sick animal is. The extraordinary vitality of cats allows her to come out unscathed from many alterations. But if the cat is sick, then she definitely needs the help of a veterinarian. And don’t even try to diagnose or cure the cat yourself.

When a cat is unwell, it begins to behave differently than usual. If your pet has the following symptoms, then you need to urgently contact your veterinarian:

  • the animal refuses to eat for a long time;
  • an animal that is most often in a balanced state begins to meow plaintively, runs restlessly and often itches;
  • the cat is either huddled in a corner or constantly lies with an apathetic and tired look. She has a fever, sores on the palate, lips or nose, and rapid breathing or coughing;
  • a cat, usually affectionate, unexpectedly does not allow itself to be stroked on the stomach or back, but reacts to your actions with a dull growl, scratches and bites;
  • the animal begins to have persistent diarrhea and vomiting;
  • the coat fades, ruffling in places.

The list of ailments that a cat can be exposed to is quite long. Therefore, it is necessary to learn that it is necessary to consult a veterinarian whenever you notice deviations in the behavior or appearance of the animal. If your pet has a balanced diet and lives in good hygienic conditions, the risk of cat disease becomes minimal.

Usually, an experienced owner immediately notices if something is wrong with the cat, and begins to look at it more closely. It is necessary to remember what could have happened to the cat the day before: what we fed her or what she could have eaten by accident, whether the cat had contact with a sick animal, whether she could catch a cold. Then you need to carefully examine the animal for possible visible signs of illness, measure the temperature with a medical or veterinary thermometer. The thermometer is inserted into the rectum of the animal and held for at least 7 minutes. It is important to fix the position of the animal, because it can make some unexpected or sudden movement: then a broken thermometer will injure the rectum. In case of high temperature or if there are obvious signs of poisoning (vomiting, severe diarrhea, etc.) ) veterinary care should be provided as soon as possible. A sick cat needs rest, therefore, first of all, it needs to be isolated from other animals, to restrict the access of children to it, to provide warmth and rest. Do not try to feed a sick cat at any cost. If an animal has diarrhea caused by food poisoning, fasting is prescribed and treatment with special drugs is prescribed. In no case should you give medication at your own discretion.

It should be borne in mind that the more thoroughbred the animal, the more urgent veterinary care should be provided to it. However, in any case – pedigree animal or not – it is inhuman to leave a cat without veterinary assistance in case of illness.

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