Sterilise Your Cat Properly [tips You Should Know as a Pet Owner 2022]

Become educated on the correct techniques for sterilizing your four-legged companion.

Once every quarter of a year, your cat will start to look obediently into the eyes of all men, while gracefully arching its back; on the other hand, your dog will just go insane at the sight of its fellow tribe members. The tablets will not be of any assistance, and you will not be establishing a home-based nursery…

Time “X”

Then, if you want to save your sanity, the sanity of your neighbors, and the creatures with four legs themselves, you should probably give some thought to having them sterilized (or castration, as this procedure is called, if we are talking about males). This procedure should be carried out without any problems. If it is done at a reputable clinic by a knowledgeable veterinarian, then the animal’s health will not be affected in any way by the procedure, and the animal will be able to continue its normal life. On the other hand, following this kind of procedure, your animal companion will have a lot calmer disposition, live a longer life, and be free from problems that affect the reproductive system. In addition, females who have undergone sterilization had a lower chance of developing breast cancer. Keep in mind that the procedure may only be performed on a cat or kitty after it has reached the age of seven months, and on a dog after it has reached the age of two years, if you have made the decision to get away of love ennui for good in your pet. You shouldn’t put off this procedure for too long, especially when it comes to cats: the older the purr gets, the deeper the reflex takes root in him, and as a result, when he’s in the throes of love frenzy, he starts to mark corners. If you put off this procedure for too long, the purr gets older and the reflex gets stronger. According to medical professionals, for instance, a cat that is five years old can only be weaned from this habit through the work of a miracle, but surgery is useless in this situation. In addition, the procedure that was carried out on the dog while it was between the ages of 5 and 6 years old would no longer contribute to the avoidance of oncological disorders.

Remove “excess”

Before undergoing the procedure, animals younger than 2 years old are given a routine veterinarian examination and have their temperature taken. However, in the case of their elder brothers, the physician may recommend a blood test in addition to an ultrasound of the internal organs. In addition, some clinics demand that the animal have vaccinations as well as treatment for worms before they will admit it. Twelve hours before the procedure, no animal, under any circumstances, should be given any kind of food.

During the procedure, the testicles are extracted from the scrotum of the male patient without affecting any of the other organs there. For females, either just the ovaries (which can only be performed on animals that are sterile) or both the ovaries and the uterus are removed. The postoperative suture is typically placed on the side of the abdomen or in the middle of the abdominal cavity. Because the internal organs do not push on the wound, the second method is believed to be less stressful for the animal. Additionally, the wound will heal more quickly.

The only potential risk that comes with having surgery is putting on additional weight. Because animals that have been sterilized are less mobile, and because they have a lower basal metabolic rate, it is imperative that their nutrition be carefully managed. The recommendation of the specialists is to simply cut back on the amount consumed everyday. Your favorite (or favorites) will continue to be exactly the same in all other respects as they were before: The view A that animals become dejected and miserable after they have been sterilized is nothing more than an urban legend.

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