Rescuing a Great Labrador Retriever [an Interesting & Rewarding Story to Read About 2022]

Have you ever considered getting a dog through the adoption process? It’s hard to imagine a situation that could be more enriching than this one.

A catastrophic accident occurred when a 30 foot oak tree was brought down by the wind, and a local tree surgery firm in Birmingham named Birmingham Tree Surgeons was called to the scene.

A valiant soldier known as “Harry” lost one of his rear legs when a monstrous tree came crashing down, taking out one of his legs in the process. Harry, however, managed to escape with only a broken leg and some minor scratches despite losing one of his legs.

While the tree surgeons were responding to an emergency call, it was brought to their attention that the dog in question was in reality a stray and had been living on the streets for some time.

As soon as word spread that this courageous warrior was available for re-homing, my partner and I made our way to the kennels to pay him a visit and see if we might adopt him.

We were unable to say no to having the poor soul because he had been so beautifully restored, and he was in desperate need of a loving home.

3 Months Later…

Earning Harry’s trust was a challenge, but it was more than worth it in the end. Harry has radically altered our life, and it has been one of the most fulfilling experiences we have ever had.

After making an incredible recovery, he is now allowed to compete at the Crufts dog show, where he has been dubbed “The Most Handsome Mongrel” by the regional news stations.

The reason I have written this article is to urge you that if you are ever in the market for being a pet owner, please, please, please consider rescuing one.

The Struggle

It took a lot of work to win over this dog’s trust. Every time I came home, he was terrified of me and didn’t want to get to know me. It was a battle.

This behavior persisted over a period of four months with little indication of progress until…

This did not result in a strong bond until the day that we started going for walks together; the fact that it actually took place overnight left me completely flabbergasted.

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