Rescuing a Great Labrador Retriever [an Interesting & Rewarding Story to Read About 2022]

Have you ever though of adopting a pooch? It’s one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable.

A local tree surgery company in Birmingham (Birmingham Tree Surgeons) was called out to a severe accident when a 30ft oak tree was blown down by the wind.

A brave soldier called “Harry” lost his leg as this monster of a tree came crashing down taking one of his back legs out, luckily for Harry he escaped with a broken leg and some minor scratches.

It was brought to the attention of the tree surgeons as they came out on their emergency call that this dog was in fact a stray and had been living on the streets for a while.

Word soon got around that this brave warrior was put up for re homing so me and my partner payed a visit to the kennels to pay him a visit.

The poor soul was absolutely prettified and was in need of a good home, we couldn’t resist and had to have him.

3 Months Later…

Harry has changed our lives completely it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives, earning his trust was very hard but so worth it.

He now competes at crufts having made a remarkable recovery and has been voted as “The Most Handsome Mongrel” by local news stations.

The reason I have written this article is to urge you that if you are ever in the market for being a pet owner, please, please, please consider rescuing one.

The Struggle

Earning this dogs trust was one hell of a fight, time and time again i would come home and he would be petrified of me, he didn’t want to know me.

This behavior continued for 4 months with little sign of improvement until…

Until the day we started going for walks together, this built up a solid bond and it literally happened overnight I was so shocked.

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