Problems of Having a Cat? Information You Must Know [getting a Pet as New Family Member 2022]

You may have already been the owner of the dog. Or hamsters lived in your house. Or maybe you kept parrots or a canary in a cage. And now, wanting to have some kind of pet, you think: let me have a cat this time; no hassle with her; she does not need to be walked on a leash several times a day, like a dog; I do not have to worry that she will fly out the window one fine December day, like my beloved parrot, which never returned and probably died, poor fellow, from cold and hunger; the apartment will not have the intolerable “mouse” smell “, which is characteristic not only of mice, but also of many other rodents, for example, hamsters and cute white rats.” Yes, – you think, – just a cat! Many of my friends keep cats, and no one complains! Everyone just does that, you know, praise their incredibly shaggy, stunningly tailed and unusually smart and funny luces and leopards. Sometimes it seems that there is no other topic for a table conversation, except for the rights and customs of everyone’s favorites, the main family members – domestic cats and cats. “

And now – a kitten in your house. But, to your great chagrin, every day, or even an hour, brings unpleasant surprises. This includes broken dishes – more often expensive ones, the ones that stand in a conspicuous place “for beauty”; these are torn curtains on the windows; these are scratched children’s cheeks and hands, and (oh horror!) New tights lined like a staff, and most importantly and disgusting – conscientiously soiled (or, more simply, filthy) corners, or rather – one corner, but chosen by your pet with an extraordinary sophistication, the most difficult to access in the whole apartment, one where it is absolutely impossible to reach with a scoop and a rag before the next general cleaning or even moving! You are desperate. And now, after a few days, and more often (which is even worse!) After a few weeks or even months of a chronic nightmare that has exhausted the whole family, your acquaintances will find out that “the cat had to be attached to relatives at the dacha”, since “the child (grandfather, mother-in-law, sister-in-law) is allergic to cat hair! ..” “Allergy” is, of course, only a plausible excuse to get rid of the annoying animal, whose short existence in your home has caused you, to put it mildly, inconvenience. The inconvenience is all the more annoying because you have never heard of anything like this from friends and girlfriends who boast of the excellent intelligence and rare beauty of their cats.

And – as a result – another unfortunate little creature of the kind of feline wanders with a melancholy expression on a child’s mustachioed muzzle along the cold staircase of someone else’s entrance, plaintively and helplessly opens its little pink mouth, in vain trying to meow hoarsely, and sometimes stops and, with agony in glance, rubs his head against the ledge of the step – in fruitless attempts to free himself from the gray, dirty pink bow, which you prudently imposed on his already emaciated neck before sending him “to the dacha”, where he will undoubtedly be “at ease and at ease” , especially “considering his non-angelic nature!” – you add to the side with pathetic irony, trying to console someone unknown – yourself, your family, perhaps the Lord God. Do not flatter yourself! Pink bow – in your opinion sufficient recommendation to be adopted into a “decent family” of “kind people” who undoubtedly live in one of the nearby apartments – and so, a pink bow will in no way save the unfortunate animal from the fate of a wandering, “nobody’s “cat (or cat). Perhaps one of the compassionate tenants will take out a little milk in a tin can to the starving poor fellow. And to himself he will think: “Look, they threw it in. The big one is already three months old. He’s probably been shitting.” one of the compassionate tenants will bring out some milk in a tin can to the starving poor fellow. And to himself he will think: “Look, they threw it in. The big one is already three months old. He’s probably been shitting.” one of the compassionate tenants will bring out some milk in a tin can to the starving poor fellow. And to himself he will think: “Look, they threw it in. The big one is already three months old. He’s probably been shitting.”

And soon the other residents of the entrance – both compassionate and severe – will have a chance to make sure that the unfortunate animal does not know the order: I must say that whole (undiluted) cow’s milk causes the most common diarrhea in cats. A puddle of liquid, foul-smelling excrement in the corner of the entrance will make especially clean and cautious residents suspect that the cat is sick with some kind of infectious disease, and his fate will be decided without delay.

But everything could have turned out differently, if you knew in advance a few very simple, but, at the same time, extremely important things. Of course, information about how much the fattest domestic cat in the world weighs or how many hairs are in the whiskers of an angora cat is very instructive. In a table conversation with a casual look of a connoisseur, I can mention the “flying cat” and the benefits of “dry food”. But even the most extensive learn of this kind will not give you confidence that the corners in your apartment will remain clean, the curtains will remain intact, and the animal will be cheerful and healthy. If you decide to get an elite, purebred cat, you need to consult a specialist about its diet, needs and habits .. But if you opted for “just a cat” – read what is written on the pages of this book, I hope

So, you didn’t put the book aside with the words “Well, my Murka’s everything is in order even without your teachings,” but thought: “Interesting! Or maybe I will succeed if I try again? .. Still It’s somehow unpleasant to remember him then … After all, he really, probably, was not guilty of anything? “

You are, of course, very curious to know how to avoid dirt in the house and broken flowers on the windowsill. But that’s not where we start. And not even where it is better to take a kitten. And not even with how to behave in the first days of his stay in your house. We will start with a paradoxical statement – this: no matter how you care for your kitten, no matter how diligently you follow the most accurate and faithful recommendations of specialists and your experienced friends in this area, no matter how much you love your little friend, the kitten will live in your the house is no more than six months, or even less! “Well, this is some kind of nonsense! – you say. But this is not” nonsense “- but the absolute truth! The point is that in 6-8 months (you won’t dispute this fact!) Your kitten, in accordance with the natural the laws of nature, will simply turn into a huge strong cat, who is already looking at the neighboring roof with far from academic interest. Or it will be a graceful fluffy cat, which more and more often listens to the exciting sounds of distant “March concerts” – even if the period of her maturation fell on July. And that’s why, just now, when you don’t have a kitten yet, you have to solve the main problem: who will live with you under the same roof – a cat or a cat. After all, both have their own characteristics. Some of these features will not delight you or your family members at all. Unfortunately, many of these features will simply have to be put up with – they are integral to the very essence of every representative of the feline tribe. If you are not ready for this, you should get some other animal, for example, aquarium fish or earthworms in a flower pot – their intimate problems have little effect on the lifestyle of their owners. You can generally limit yourself to a stuffed cat or a clockwork plush toy. But if you insist on your decision to have a live kitten in the house, first of all, at least theoretically familiarize yourself (and from the most negative side, I insist on this!) With the characteristic features inherent in adult felines of different sexes.

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