Potty Training a Pet Pig at Home? [Bathroom Tips 2023]

Pigs are very clean animals. This means, among other things. a that they are careful to distinguish between resting place and toilet. This makes toilet training easier!

We bought a litter box with cat litter that clumps when it gets damp. We were given a small plastic bag with my mini pig’s poop which we put in the box so he would know where his needs would be taken care of. My mini pig peed “in” all the carpets, then he was the room clean. It went very fast!

Every time he did something somewhere other than in his box, we “punished” him by putting him on his back. He really did not like that! He screamed “like a stung pig”, but we held him until he was silent to show who was in charge. If we came upon him just when he was in the “pee position”, we lifted him to the box immediately to show him where to pee. This has worked great. 

He only pooped in the “wrong” place once. Every time he did something in the box, we rewarded him with a small piece of cucumber. Pretty soon he realized that it would be rewarding because he did not leave the box until he saw that we were about to pick up the candy for him. I want to point out that the accidents that happened never smelled anything! My mini pig’s kiss is completely odorless for our noses, but he himself naturally knows where he did it somewhere. It is therefore important to make sure to remove any odor from the accident site to reduce the risk of him going there again.

When my mini pig was about 3 months old, we took him out in the garden for a short while. He started peeing and pooping outside, which we immediately rewarded. As a result, he now very rarely uses the boxes. We think that’s great because he pees a lot every time. The pee often accumulates in the sand around the hooves, which means that we have to wash his “feet” every time he pees inside. This has probably contributed to the fact that he himself prefers to do his needs in the garden. 

The disadvantage of wanting to go out is that you have to get out of bed in the morning and let him out. On the other hand, you do not need to empty the litter box and go out with smelly garbage.

When we take the evening walk a few times a week, he has found a favorite place in the middle of the walkway next to a farmhouse. There it smells as if others have done something too and then he must also do it whether it is needed or not.

According to the breeder, he should poop once a day, if he poops more he gets too much food. My mini pig pooped up to 4 times/day in the beginning. He pooped every time he screamed, which was partly because he was a little loose in the stomach. To get over it, we started rewarding him with the banana instead of small pieces of cucumber. Then the stomach calmed down and since then there is only stool when he pushes it out himself. The number of times/day varies even if he gets the same amount of food, everything between 1 – 3 times/day he poops. In the winter he poops every other day, he does not want to go out when it is wet and cold.

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