Potbelly Pig: Can I Be Allergic? [step by Step Guide & Symptoms 2022]

Mini pigs are said to be a good alternative to fur animal allergy sufferers. I partly agree with that!

I have read that pigs have the same skin mites as us and therefore the chances are greater that we tolerate them than fur animals.

Both me and my daughter Therese are allergic to fur animals. Where we bought Chico, we had the opportunity to try for two weeks to see if we became allergic. We got no reaction at all, this was in March. But in the spring and summer, my pollen allergy has been worse than in several years. I do not know if it is due to higher levels of pollen or because we have Chico. My doctor informed me that the various allergy symptoms add up. If I am only exposed to Chico, I may avoid the symptoms, but if I am exposed to, for example, birch pollen at the same time, I will get past my limit for where the symptoms begin.

I think you should know this before you buy a pig. So do your test weeks during a season where you are also exposed to other allergies to be able to assess whether you are allergic even to mini pigs. Feel free to expose yourself to an adult pig as well, not just the little puppy you are interested in buying.

Although I have realized (against my will) that I am probably more allergic to Chico than I was when we got him, I would still not want to give up Chico for all the butter in Småland – it is among the best that has happened U.S. But I guess it’s like cats for me .. I can tolerate little kittens, but not when they have grown a little. Chico I have not had any reactions against when he was a little cult, but now that he has grown up I notice that I can get allergic reactions such as itching, sneezing and sometimes even asthma. I can not stand Chico’s saliva either. Where he kissed me or drooled a little, it itches a lot. He likes to press his snout against my skin as soon as he gets the chance and then it always itches afterwards.

So what I want to say – there are those who tolerate pigs who are allergic to fur animals (Therese knows nothing) but I get allergic symptoms, even if the symptoms are much, much milder than it is when I expose myself to fur animals.

If you need to test your allergy, you are welcome to come to our home in Partille outside Gothenburg.

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