Piper NV Camera Review & Unboxing 2023: Total Home & Pet Security System

The Pepper NV is a web-connected security camera that can monitor your indoor pet and is currently one of the best security cameras available on the market. In addition to that, there is a home automation system that consists of a number of sensors and is capable of controlling a number of different home appliances.

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✅ Piper NV Smart Home Security System

Superb home security system for your pets – The camera could capture an extensive space in a room by using turning 180 degrees. You can zoom in on the camera whenever you want. This camera could also automatically switch to night vision by its detecting system. Scroll down to take a look at its further functions!

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Piper NV Camera: Overview 4.3/5.0

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It was introduced in 2015 and is an upgraded version of the previous Piper device, which was generally referred to as the Piper Classic. The Piper Classic had a several shortcomings, the most notable of which were its low image quality and its inability to perform night vision functions.

All of that has changed, however, with the introduction of the Piper NV, which features an improved image quality, a Z-Wave accessory controller, and night vision capabilities.


The Piper NV offers its users a number of advantages. Quick installation is just one of the many benefits, along with a wide variety of security modes, an integrated alarm system, night vision, an outstanding high-definition picture, capabilities that allow for pan, zoom, and tilt, and the capacity to communicate with Z-Wave-enabled devices. Because of this, you may use it to monitor your pet’s movements at any time of the day or night, whether it be day or night.


There are a number of drawbacks, the most notable of which being limited local storage capacity and an absence of web apps. In comparison to other products on the market that do the same function, this one is extremely pricey.

Unboxing 150

Taking an item out of its packaging and putting it to use is the quickest and easiest way to become familiar with how it functions. It comes in packaging that is not very creative. When you finally get around to opening the package, what do you find inside?

The actual component can be found within the packaging, along with a power supply and a stand that has been pre-assembled for it. Its power supply can be found in the rear of the device. In addition, the cable is redirected so that everything may be made more compact and neat. Even though it just has a single power source, this device’s functionality is pretty impressive.


The Piper NV may be purchased in either black or white and has an appearance that is sleek and curved. It has night vision, tilt, pan, and digital zoom capabilities in addition to being able to record images and videos in a high definition resolution of 1920 by 1080. The camera has a field of view that spans 180 degrees and can take pictures of huge areas when necessary.

Piper NV has the capability to detect both sound and motion, and it also has support for bidirectional audio. It’s more than just a camera—an it’s entire lifestyle system in your hands. There is a ZWave radio that can control the automation of your house, as well as sensors that can control the temperature, sound, light, and humidity. The Piper NV possesses a surprising degree of adaptability.

One component of the design that received a lot of thought was the power input. The Piper NV performs operations in a manner analogous to those of traditional systems once it has been attached to a power supply. On the other hand, what happens if a burglar who breaks into your home also turns off the electricity supply?

This piece of equipment is designed to help in that regard. It is totally functioning thanks to the additional AA batteries that are included. This means that if it is disconnected from the power source, you will immediately receive a message on your device informing you that the device is disconnected, and you will see this notification as soon as the device detects that it is no longer connected to the power supply.

When it comes to power, it also offers additional customization possibilities. It comes with a stand made of metal that may be removed and used on a table or shelf instead. However, it is possible for it to permanently collapse against the wall. No matter which option you go with in Piper NV, you can be confident that your home will be monitored and protected throughout the clock.

Technical Features

In a number of categories, the Piper nv stands out from other products of its kind available on the market today. There is a seamless integration between the home automation system, the video surveillance system, and the home security system. There are primarily four uses, which are as follows: lodging, vacations, excursions, and reminders. You have the ability to personalize your gadget in accordance with individualized standards, but it will retain its original functions.

You may send notifications to your device through many channels, including email, push notifications, phone calls, and text messages, thanks to these user-defined rules. Recognize immediately any variations in temperature, as well as any loud sounds or movement.

When the primary message isn’t responding, you even have the option of recording movies or sending notifications to friends and relatives. In addition to that, there is a built-in alarm on the device, and it can be linked to a sensor. It also has the capability of being configured to produce deafening decibels whenever it detects sound or motion.

Final Verdict

Piper NV is a trustworthy piece of equipment that can enhance the surveillance of your pet at any time and in any location. This device is the finest option for you if you want to protect your animals and ward off potential invaders at the same time. This is not merely a home security camera; rather, it is an all-encompassing home solution that grants you unrestricted independence.

It gives you the ability to integrate Z-Wave compatible gadgets to your home security system, which in turn gives you the ability to monitor your house whenever you want. It is possible that it is more expensive than other devices on the market that are comparable, but purchasing it is without a doubt well worth the money. It is difficult to find a solution that is superior to the mix of automation and safety.

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