Pig Sounds & Grunt Meaning

Pigs communicate with the help of sound in the first place, they have very good hearing. They have many sounds that they talk to; growls, barks, snorts, gasps, and screams. They rub/gnash their teeth, some nervousness but many because they thrive. My mini pig always does it when he has gone to bed to rest. Maybe it has a de-stressing effect on him. They have difficulty moving their ears and must instead turn their heads to be able to locate the sounds. 

The sense of smell is very well developed, which is used by humans when using pigs to look for truffles. Depending on their physique, pigs lack rich and varied body language. They also have no facial expressions to speak of. 

My mini pig has a lot of different sounds, depending on what he wants. Sounds he does often and a lot, be prepared for that if you are considering getting a pig. It’s not a quiet animal!
When cooking, for example, he beeps along with his grunts and it is a very annoying sound. When he has eaten and walks around the kitchen looking for crumbs, there are only small grunts. Then it’s just cute.

In the morning he greets or shows his affection, we think, by “HA-A” against our faces or toes, depending on whether we have picked him up in our bed or if it is greeted only when sitting on the toilet. Then he has his mouth open and blows out the air, it becomes like a “HA”. This is repeated so it becomes HAHAHA. Our breeder guessed that this is the sound he hears the boars make when they try to get the sows interested in mating. My mini pig is neutered, which may be a reason why he instead uses the behavior on us to show his belonging or affection.

Sometimes he runs around the garden too full and then he sounds like a dog barking. He has to gallop first for that sound to come. He also uses this sound when you prevent him from going in the direction he wants to go. For example, when he tries to get past the child gate and we go there and meet him away.

When he lies down and rests or goes to sleep, he “smacks”. He lies and chews, or ruminants it looks like. Have understood that this is a very common behavior. At first, we thought it was a little annoying, mostly because we thought he was missing something, but now we barely notice it.

He often indicates that he wants to be petted and cuddled. It can be when he is lying in his or someone else’s bed, or if he has laid down on the balcony in the sun, for example. I find it difficult to describe that sound, but we have at least learned to make it clear now.

Unfortunately, my audio files have become too large for me to post. So it’s probably a while before I can make any good sounds that you can listen to.

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