Pig Christmas Meaning 2023 (Decorations, Ornaments, Sayings)

Do you know the meaning of a flying pig decoration for Christmas?

It all began in the 1880s in Saratoga Springs, New York, when a local candy manufacturer sought to develop something comparable to the marzipan treats that youngsters in Europe ate. He cast a hard candy akin to a candy cane in a joyful pink since the pig is a Victorian festival emblem of good health, happiness, and fortune.

But for me, a pig-themed Christmas means something more. A little baby pig was born in my backyard years ago.

In the chaos and rushing about of the Christmas season and the hours spent dragging frozen water hoses, hauling hay, breaking ice out of buckets and raking frozen pig poop, and trying to work in a little Christmas shopping, Christmas had become “just another day”.  Baby pig’s arrival has made us stop and contemplate the strange ways in which God works to remind us of what Christmas is all about.  And we thank her for that.

She helped us realize the true meaning of Christmas again.  It is about giving, not receiving.  It is about sharing and it is about loving.  It is not just about loving each other, but about loving all of God’s creatures. 

Pig Christmas Ornaments

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✅ Best Kurt Adler Flying Pig Christmas Ornament

Very nice ornament – Absolutely beautiful little ornament. It is fragile, this wings were broken off at the base when it arrived, even though it was very well wrapped.

Pig Christmas Lights

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✅ Best Christmas Light Pink Pig Light Set

Pig lovers dream – Your pig loving daughter has them strung around her bedroom windows! Adorable year round decoration!

Pig Christmas Tree Topper

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✅ Best Peppa Pig Blow Mold Christmas Ornament Tree Topper

Cutest Piggy Christmas Ornaments – Sooooo cute. Good size to stand out on Christmas Tree. Great Price. Love these piggies. you sure hope that the Seller offers more piggy items. Cute pig items are hard to find.

Pig Christmas Cards

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✅ Best Pig Christmas Cards Set of 10 Cards

Very cute – Absolutely adorable Christmas card. Loved them!

Pig Christmas Inflatable

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✅ Best Gemmy Industries Snowflakes And Pig Christmas Inflatable 

Looks great and bright – Nice front yard size, easy set up. Plug it in blows itself up in a couple of minutes…unplug deflates in place in a couple of minutes. Self lights up at night. Now all you need is a adhesive law enforcement badge to apply to the front.

Pig Christmas Stocking

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✅ Best Peppa Pig 19″ Printed Stocking Standard

Cute stocking – Looks like the picture and is not made cheap. Good quality Super cute stocking.

Pig Christmas Sweater

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✅ Best Pig Ugly Christmas Sweater Girls Women Santa Farm

Ugly Christmas Pig Shirt – Wear the farm & your love for pigs on your chest with this unique vintage inspired shirt! Perfect costume or outfit for animal lovers, that crazy pig lady, the passionate pig whisperer, and anyone with pigs in their life.

Cute Teacup Baby Pig Christmas Decorations

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✅ Best Adorable Babe Teacup Pig Figurine

Very cute, makes a great gift – Just try and resist the happiness this little pig in a teacup brings. He looks as though is ready for some mischief and waiting to tear through the room. Artisans pay strict attention to details of the pig’s face and the texture of his skin. “Babe” the pig is also embellished with glass eyes to add life to the sculpture.

Piggy Bank Christmas Tree Decorations

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✅ Best Old World Pig Ornament & Piggy Bank

Santa piggy – Adorable. The Lil guy loves piggies and just absolutely loves this ornament.  This made the best Christmas ornament.

Flying Pig Christmas Decor

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✅ Best Light Up Flying Pig Decoration For Christmas

Adorable & Easy To Assemble – This pig decor suits inside and outside your home. It is easy to build together and collapses for storage. It’s the perfect piece for your house and can be used every year. A great addition for if you have kids or guests over.


Pig Christmas Wreath

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We wish each of you the most wonderful Christmas ever.  May your Christmas be as wonderful as ours will be….surrounded by the animals we love.  May the true spirit and meaning of Christmas come to your house in as wonderful a way as it arrived at ours. This pink wreath will match perfectly with all the decor and ornaments listed above. It is reusable too, you only buy this once and will never have to pay for wasteful decorations again!

Pig Christmas Wrapping Paper

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