Petzi Treat Cam Review & Unboxing 2023 [you Can Dispense Food to Your Pet Any Time]

What kinds of things do your animals get up to while you’re away from home? Do you hope to remain in contact with them at all times no matter where they are? Petzi Treat Cam is available to assist you. This review of the Petzi Treat Cam will walk you through the various customization choices that are available on your device.

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✅ Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Must-buy pet camera for 24/7 monitoring – You can keep a close eye on your pets while you are staying away from them. Home security can also be guaranteed when you are on trips or at the office! The camera quality is absolutely great and the night version is also available.

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Petzi Treat Cam Overview: 4.6/5.0

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The intuitive pet camera features a wide-angle Wi-Fi video, high-quality audio, and a game-changing remote snack dispenser, allowing you to keep an eye on your animal companion and give them a treat whenever you want. This technology is an excellent way to communicate with your pets whenever you are away from home, whether you are on business or vacation.

Are you considering purchasing one right now? The Petzi Treat Cam has many wonderful features, but it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.


  • Priced significantly lower than competing pet cameras that offer comparable features
  • The setting up process takes only a few minutes.
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Dispenser for sweets; this one is best suited for drier, more diminutive delicacies
  • Vision in the dark
  • Simple and effortless in its operation
  • The Petzi mobile app, which is accessible for both the iOS and Android operating systems, enables users to directly share app media on social networks.
  • Excellent customer service and a warranty that lasts a year.


  • Lacks both camera zoom lenses and motion detection warnings.
  • Occasional difficulties with the camera signal and the app’s connectivity
  • Audio cannot go in both directions. The owners are unable to hear the pet’s audible feedback.
  • Neither records nor stores video for later replay.
  • Some customers have reported that many treats are dispensed at the same time, and when the app is started, some sweets become stuck.

Unboxing The Device

When you first remove your Petzi Treat camera from its packing, you will notice that it has an entirely new appearance. The total weight of the camera is about one pound, which makes it very portable and easy to carry around. The exterior does not have the same allure as the more expensive Furbo, nor does the design have the same level of chic and contemporary appeal. However, there is no question in anyone’s mind that the camera possesses outstanding quality. Your pet camera comes with a variety of mounting choices thanks to its rounded corners, flat back, and rounded bottom. Designed to be easily mounted on the wall and to not have any protruding sides that pets could gnaw on.

What’s In The Box?

When you open the package, you will find the Petri Treat Cam itself, as well as a universal mounting kit, rubber feet, and some Petzila-approved finishes. The power adapter measures a typical 6 feet in length. The power supply is equipped with a lengthy cord that may be plugged into an outlet. in order for you to put it somewhere that is secure and convenient for you.

Design Highlights

The straightforward rectangular design made of plastic that is highlighted in the Petzi Treat Cam review is a large element of its appeal. Installing the app on your smartphone, then connecting it to the Wi-Fi connection, and setting up the device at any one of a number of different locations in your home are all options. Petzi Treat Cam may look unremarkable, but don’t let that deceive you; this camera has a number of exciting features that pet owners and their animals can enjoy.

Petzi Treat Dispenser

The ability of pet cams to give treats is by far their most appealing feature. Because of the way it is constructed, mischievous creatures who are trying to earn more treats than they are entitled to will have a difficult time breaking into it. The treat dispenser on the device has a white top that may be removed for access. When the top is taken off of the dispenser and it is opened up, one can see a compartment inside. You are free to place some snacks there, examine them, relocate them, and continue with your day, secure in the knowledge that the snacks are secure and can be given out.

Night Vision

The wide-angle night vision lens that comes included with the Petzi Treat Cam enables you to view black-and-white video and capture screenshots of your pet’s screen even when it is completely dark or very dark.

Video & Sound Quality

The video streams produced by the Petzi camera are frequently blurry because the resolution of the camera is not quite as high as 720p. The HD camera that can shoot at 30 frames per second and has a lens that can capture a wider field of view is superior to many other cameras now available on the market that cannot produce high definition video. The audio output from Patzi is of very high quality. The software enables users to adjust not only the volume but also a variety of additional sound parameters.

Technical Features

An intriguing piece of technology, the Petzi Treat Cam (Model Number PET0025-US), is now compatible with the Wi-Fi networks found in all residential settings. It ensures that the application is completely functional even when the owner is not present by utilizing a secure connection that is protected by a WPA or WPA2 password.

Smartphone App

Any smartphone with iOS (7.0 or later) or Android (4.0 or later) software installed is capable of downloading the Petzi Cam application from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Because user testing on both app platforms failed to uncover any inconsistencies, each and every control may be accessed from any mobile device.

The following are some of the functions that may be accessed through the app:

  • The treat dispenser is a function that allows you to give your pet an enticing reward whenever you want to with only the touch of a button.
  • These sound notifications are helpful for luring your pets’ attention to your presence or for getting their attention before distributing rewards. The majority of pets are trained to approach the camera as soon as they hear the sound.
  • Photo capture: Users are able to take candid photos immediately from the app’s video feed and save them to their devices or submit them to the social site of their choice.
  • Record your voice by simply clicking the microphone icon and communicating with your animals in a clear manner from any location.
  • A better hearing experience can be had by adjusting the audio volume settings.


Petzi Social Network

You are able to effortlessly share your social network thanks to the Petzi social network, which is a one-of-a-kind technical function that is included in the app. You may immediately share an image of your dog or cat with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after uploading a picture of them to your computer.

Final Verdict

This evaluation of the Petzi Treat Cam demonstrates that pet cams are incredibly cost-effective when all of the capabilities that may be used with them are considered. There is room for improvement in a number of areas, including video quality, transmission speed, and the user interface for the camera. One potential solution is to bypass the network source that the mobile application uses.

When compared to other pet cams now available on the market, this camera’s exceptional two-way sound quality not only distinguishes it as a stand-alone product, but also positions it as an outstanding option for owners of pets. You will also like the superior customer service offered by Patzi Treat Cam, as well as its one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pet cameras are available for purchase in the United States through a wide variety of online retail stores in addition to Patzi’s main website. Customers from other nations are required to check Amazon’s global shipping policies before placing an order for delivery to a particular country or area.

In the United States, pet cameras can be purchased on various online retail sites and Patzi’s official website. International customers must verify their global shipping policies to specific countries/regions through Amazon.

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