Petsafe ‘healthy Pet Simply Feed’ Review & Unboxing 2023 [best Automatic Feeding Device for Busy Owners]

Maintaining a consistent feeding schedule for your pet might be challenging. This is especially the case if you give your pet food on multiple occasions during the day. Choosing an automatic pet feeder, such as the Pet Simply Feed 12-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder, is the best solution to this problem. This device gives you the ability to program up to 12 entries, each at a distinct time of day and in the quantity that you want.

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✅ PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed – Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Awesome pet feeder, you should take a look at – This feeder could work very well with all dogs & cats! The design of the conveyor belt & hopper causes the portion of food to be accurate. Pet owners will not worry about controlling the portion of food for their pets all the time but they can rely on this feeder!

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed: Overview Score 4.5/5.0

  • Design: 4/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 5/5
  • Features: 4.5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4.5/5

This automatic feeder enables you to feed your small to medium-sized cat or dog according to a predetermined schedule, which is useful whether you are at work, on vacation, or simply suffer from poor memory and a haphazard schedule. There is also a mode on the automatic feeder known as the slow feed mode, which gradually dispenses food over a short period of time to prevent your pet from eating too quickly.


  • The fact that the device is so simple to operate and takes so little time to set up is one of its primary advantages.
  • It is meant to prevent pets from getting food out of the unit when it is not their feeding time, and it is compatible with the majority of dry and semi-moist foods that are sold for pets.
  • Another advantage is that you are free to choose the amount of food that should be given to your pet at each feeding.
  • Because the food hopper is see-through, it is easy to determine when it needs to have its contents replenished.


  • The fact that the pet feeder does not come with a power cord, which must be purchased separately, is one of its disadvantages. If you don’t want to spend the money on the cord, the machine can be powered by using four D batteries instead.
  • It is advertised as being able to function for a whole year without the need to change the batteries; nevertheless, real-world testing has shown that it can exhaust a set of batteries in as little as a few months. On the other hand, if you buy the power cable and put batteries in it, the batteries will function as a backup system that enables the machine to continue working even if the power is cut off.


The box that contains the Healthy Pet Simply Feed Pet Feeder does not come with very many accessories. This is a plus because it does not call for a great deal of personalization on the part of the user. Dispensers for pet food, bowls, and storage containers made of stainless steel are all available for purchase. In addition to this, we will provide you with a quick start guide as well as product documentation. This device requires a 4 D battery, but the cost of shipping does not include the cost of the battery.

Short Intro

The Pet Simply Feed 12 Meal Automatic Feeder is the answer you’ve been seeking for if you have an older pet, a pet in bad health, or a pet who performs better on a set schedule. If any of these apply to your pet, then this feeder is exactly what you need. You are able to plan feedings for a maximum of twelve hours each day. You are also able to determine the quantity of each food that will be given to your cat.

What is included

  • Healthy Pet Simply Feed Pet Feeder
  •  Stainless steel bowl
  •  Bowl holder
  •  Quick start guide
  •  Product manual

Design / Highlights

You are able to schedule several feedings using this automatic feeder, and you can also decide the necessary amount of feedings. You can change the amount to be anywhere from 1/8 cup all the way up to 4 cups. A gadget that can store twenty-four food cups and a see-through food container that provides an instant signal of when the cups need to be filled. The dispenser’s rate of dispensing can be slowed down to a trickle when using the slow feed option. Your pet will not be able to ingest any food and will not become ill as a result. A bowl made of detachable stainless steel that can be cleaned in the dishwasher is included with the device.

There is a cover that cannot be opened by pets, which serves both to protect the pets and to stop them from accessing the food that is in the feeding chute. It is adaptable to the needs of most animals. On the other hand, I’ve never encountered a pet feeder where the owner didn’t claim that their dog or cat got into it when they weren’t supposed to be able to.

Technical Features

The food is dispensed by the system via a conveyer belt, and the belt itself is engineered to prevent food jams from occurring. Nevertheless, jamming may still take place if you use food that has an excessive amount of moisture. Kibble that is dry or largely dry works best with this appliance.

The tool is powered by four D batteries, each of which can provide power for a full year. However, the longevity of the battery may be compromised depending on the brand that you chose to purchase. It is possible that selecting a power cord that is compatible with your device will be more convenient; however, this cord must be purchased separately and at a higher cost.

Performance Review

If you don’t follow the instructions, setting the meal times on your smart thermostat can be a bit of a challenge, but the instructions will walk you through the procedure step by step. Once you decide what time you want to eat, the rest of the steps will go exactly as indicated.

The servings come out exactly as they are supposed to, and as long as you’re not using too moist food, jams won’t be an issue. The only downside is that the machine is a bit noisy. It is essential to keep in mind that the hopper requires some time to load, which means that the very first time you turn it on, it will need to go through a few feeding cycles before it can begin to actually dispense food. Because of this, it may take some time before it actually begins to dispense food.

Final Verdict

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a pet feeder that you should consider purchasing if you are in the market for one. This device can help you verify that your pet is receiving the appropriate amount of food and it can distribute food in a measured manner.

The pet feeder is fairly strong and was made in such a way that the majority of pets will have a difficult time extracting food from the chute. Because you can set up feedings for as many as twelve times a day using the scheduler, you can really customize a routine that works for your canine or feline companion.

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