Petcube Play Pet Camera Review

When you’re not around, how do your animals pass the time? This is an issue that occupies the minds of the majority of pet owners. Because there is nothing that can take the place of your furry companion, it is only reasonable to be curious about what they did while you were gone.

Several companies have produced pet cameras that can be utilized for the purpose of keeping an eye on pets. However, very few businesses provide clients with the opportunity to remotely converse with their dogs. The Petcube Play is an excellent pet camera that enables you to see, talk to, and play with your animal companions.

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Petcube Play Overview 4.8/5.0

  • Design: 5/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • AV-Quality: 5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

Find out how the Petcube Play works and what makes it such a terrific product by reading this review of it.


  • The fact that the Petcube Play is so compact is one of the most significant benefits that we found when conducting research for our evaluation of pet cameras. The rubber bottom ensures that it will not move about on a table or shelf when it is placed there. Additionally, it comes with a mount, allowing you to set it up on a tripod with ease.
  • The video captured by the camera has a resolution of 1080p, and it has acceptable low-light performance. The built-in laser pointer is what sets it apart from similar products on the market. This gives you the ability to interact with your pets through the Petcube app even while you aren’t at home.
  • The software also allows for simple configuration and convenient use from a remote location. In addition, Petcube provides free standard shipping anywhere in the United States, a guarantee good for 30 days, and a warranty good for a full year.


  • The most important point to take away from this analysis of the Petcube Play is the following: Petcube Care, an optional cloud storage service, is a tad on the pricey side for what it offers.
  • When utilizing the laser pointer, there is a discernible amount of latency, which is another one of the device’s many drawbacks.


When the pricey item is delivered to the customer’s home, the packaging is the most important part. Petcube cannot make your smartphone more secure. It comes in a box that has foam inserts all the way around the outside. The brown box and the black packaging envelope both include design and technological advancements for camera equipment and pet supplies respectively.

The camera came in a gorgeous presentation that resembled the packing for high-end mobile phones and video game consoles. It was foam-wrapped and stood erect, just like the other products in the package. The remaining components of the ensemble were hidden beneath it. The following is a rundown of everything that is included in the shipment.

  • Petcube Play pet camera,
  •  user guide,
  •  AC power adapter for USB,
  •  very long cable with regular and Type-C USB connectors,
  •  reset pin for resetting the app and Wi-Fi connection on the device, and
  •  three logo stickers.
  •  Design and Highlights

When all of the characteristics of the Petcube Play are considered, it is amazing how little the Petcube Play actually is. The newest camera in the Petcube family is only 3 inches long and weighs 1.3 pounds, making it significantly more portable than the original Petcube camera. This makes it the most compact pet camera available for purchase. The device is also available to be ordered in three other colors: rose gold, matte silver, and carbon black.

In preparation for our evaluation of the Petcube Play, we purchased carbon black. The camera, the infrared sensor, and the laser are all visible from the front of the device. All of this is encased in a body made of brushed aluminum, which provides the Petcube Play with a sleek and contemporary appearance. In addition, there is a light located just over the camera that illuminates when it is linked to a device.

The bottom is equipped with a grip that prevents slipping as well as a conventional tripod mount. It comes with a number of different setting choices. Although I prefer to keep it on a shelf, I used a tripod in order to evaluate how well this camera works. Because of its compact size and square form, Petcube Play has a weight distribution that is just right. Additionally, there is a reset button for the device located at the bottom, which can be activated by using the reset knob that is supplied in the packaging.

On the rear of the Petcube Play, you’ll find a charging connector that accepts USB Type-C cables. At a minimum, the non-byte cable that is a part of the delivery set measures at 1.8 meters in length. The power supply unit adheres to the modern requirements of 2A and 5V for electrical devices.

Technical Features

The Petcube Play camera not only records in 1080p resolution, but it also has a field of view that spans 138 degrees. In poorly lit or unoccupied places, it can also provide night vision and three times the normal magnification. You may chat and listen to your pet by using the speaker and the microphone, respectively. Both audible and motion alarms will alert you on your phone if something significant is happening to your pet. This will allow you to take appropriate action. The Petcube app is compatible with mobile devices that run iOS 8 or later as well as Android 4.3 or later. This enables you to communicate with, interact with, and play with your pet even when you are not physically present. Playing with your pet is made easier thanks to the interactive laser that is built right in. In addition, there is an auto-play mode that you can use to keep your pet entertained even when you are busy.

Performance Review

This playback evaluation of the PetCube reveals that the video quality is quite outstanding. The zoom feature works wonderfully and does not fading as one might anticipate. The sound quality is on par with that of similar products on the market. Clearly a little bit behind schedule. In addition, laser games are falling further and further behind. On the other hand, given that you are able to control it from anywhere in the world, it functions exceptionally well. Because the laser beam is more intense than that of other pet toys, it is simpler to see them when there is a lot of ambient light. The Petcube app stands out among the competition thanks to the breadth and depth of its functionality. One of them plays with the animals that belong to other people. This only works for individuals who have made their personal cameras available to the general public in the past. Additionally, the app gives you the ability to customize sound and motion alerts, as well as notify your pet of your virtual presence.

Final Verdict

Why wait until you get home from work, school, or work to spend time with your pet when you could do it while you are there? You are able to spend the entire day watching PetCube play because to its high-quality camera, crystal clear sound, and interactive laser. It not only helps your pet calm down, but it also helps them burn off excess energy.

According to this assessment of a pet camera, the camera is both simple to operate and aesthetically beautiful. It also outperforms the vast majority of other cameras now available on the market. The Petcube Play is a fantastic purchase considering how well it performs its many functions.

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