Pet Owners Must-read: Useful Deworming Dogs Guide 2022

Why You Should Deworm Dogs?

Dogs, slurping, gobbling, licking, and sniffing everything around become perfect hosts for diverse parasites and worms. The latter becomes the reason for a series of symptoms such as the following:

  • Visible worms or eggs like rice in the dog’s fur, rear, stool or vomit;
  • Persistent scratching or rubbing the rear on the ground;
  • Bloated belly or stomach;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Loss of weight;
  • Weakness and low mood;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Bloody stool.

All these symptoms and the necessary treatment depend on the worm type. The most common worms our pets suffer from are hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms. All these parasites live in dogs’ intestines. Therefore, if you doubt your sweetheart pet has a worm, you’d better start the check-up from its intestines. For this, you can take its fresh stool to your vet for analysis.

Another, more dangerous type of worm, is the heartworm. The latter causes serious health problems and can lead to the dog’s death. And if all this sounds like horror to you and you are searching for a way to remove all those nasty parasites from your pet’s body without the expensive services of veterinarians, keep on reading. Here you will find out the best deworming drugs for dogs. But prior to that, let’s find out how does dewormers work for dogs.

Dewormers are available in several forms including chewable tablets, liquids, powder, and injections. The latter is to be made exclusively by a veterinarian. As you know, all the worms inside a pet’s organism feed off its nutrition. Getting into the dog’s organism, the dewormer pill for dogs becomes the worms’ food, too. If harmless to animals, the drugs are poisonous to parasites. Worms die and break into pieces and get out of the body with the dog’s feces. That’s how these drugs work.

Do you wonder how long does dewormer takes to work in dogs? Well, this mostly depends on the medication and the dosage. If one pill may be enough for treating a puppy or a small dog, four or even more doses may be required for bigger dogs. One needs to be of utmost attentive when choosing the dosage for a dog’s treatment to achieve obvious results and not cause an overdose.

Interesting Facts About Dogs And Deworming

  1. Dogs in farms and horses share similar internal parasites, that’s why by treating one animal you need to treat the other.
  2. After treating a dog for heartworms, it needs to be kept quiet. The reason is that the pieces of dead worms may cause a blockage of the pulmonary vessels and result in the dog’s death.
  3. Worm infestation is enormous: a week is enough for one infected puppy to shed over ten million eggs!
  4. Worms survive anywhere a dog or human may appear in. In fact, worm eggs can stay in the soil for long years before passing to a dog.
  5. Dogs do never get infected with head lice, bedbugs, crab lice, and pinworms. The latter is transferred to humans by other animals (horses, cats, etc.) but never by dogs.

How To Take Care Of Your Dogs?

Walking your dog every day or feeding it is far not enough to be called a caring pet owner. If you do really love your four-legged friend, you need to take good care of it. And even though it’s nearly impossible to keep your dog away from all kinds of worms (especially if it’s kept outdoors), minimizing the chances of parasites getting into your dog’s organism is mandatory. For this, follow a few recommendations.

Keep The Environment Clean

Keeping the area your dog spends most of its time clean is obligatory. Remove all the feces or other waste materials from the living area of your dog, as well as your entire yard. This is should be performed on a daily basis, while your pet’s bedding should be washed no later than after a week.

Another crucial point is eliminating any types of worm-carrying pests including rats and mice from your yard. Make sure there are no stagnant water puddles in the yard, where mosquitoes may breed.

Take Precaution Measures

Giving your pet deworming drugs as a preventative means will serve the purpose well. This can be as the Strongid dewormer for dogs, so drugs by other manufacturers including Bayer, Pro-Sense, Sentry, Panacur, etc. Over-the-counter drugs are highly efficient. And if some of them are not able to cope with mother worms and eggs successfully, they can become wonderful preventatives.

Give Your Dog Healthy Food

Besides the ordinary food you give your pet, it’s important to give it also healthy food that helps to prevent worms and other parasites from penetrating into your pet’s organism. This may include dried coconut, grated raw vegetables such as papaya, fennel, carrot, greens, pumpkin, etc. These vegetables clean dogs’ intestinal tract well thus making it less attractive to worms and parasites. Trace minerals, meanwhile, can be an effective means of balancing your pet’s gastrointestinal system.

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