Pet Mini Pig Information 2022 [where to Rescue/buy/adopt]

Check with your municipality to make sure it’s okay to have a pig. Some municipalities have information on their website regarding the possession of mini-pigs.

Help update our links page. Let us know if you’ve found a pig site we didn’t mention!

NAPPANorth American Potbellied Pig Association:
NAPPA is the oldest International Potbellied Pig service
organization in the World. Our Board of Directors is made up primarily of pet
owners. We are also privileged to have some of the leading breeders, trainers,
behaviorists, veterinarians, and nutritionists serving on our board, heading our
appointed committees and advising the whole organization. The activities of NAPPA
are guided by the input, contributions and energy of its members. This membership
and Board of Directors is open to anyone interested in potbellied pigs, whether
breeders, pet owners, potential pet owners or just friends. NAPPA is continuously
dedicating itself to providing accurate information to the general public. NAPPA
publishes a widely acclaimed monthly Newsletter.
Mimmi´s HemstiaA private great site about mini pigs
VendelaA cute Norwegian pig private website
GibbonWholesaler to many zoo shops. Good website to explore if you need to see what options are available for accessories.
SonsHere you can read about all sorts of animals and of course also about mini pigs.
Gustaf & EvitaAnother wholesaler of animal accessories.
TrueA private page about the pig Sanna
QuiltOn this Norwegian site you can order a specially sewn blanket for your pig.
GiselaA page with many pictures of Gisela and Oswald, private
Swedish Mini Pig SocietySMGS – newly started mini pig association
Name suggestionsHere you get some ideas on the names of pigs. American side.
Buy yourself a book about mini pigs!Kathleen Myers, 6 years as chairman of NAPPA has written a very interesting book. Buy it via her website.
PAPAThe Pig As Pets Association
The beginning of the English mini pig associationPotbellied pigs in UK, Polish website see wonderful pig art, go to this Dutch site.”Pigs in Image”
Health, Diseases, Welfare & Food SafetyNew Screening Test for Salmonella in Pigs & Pork, Farm Animal Welfare: the Power Struggle, Farrowing without Crates, Growth promoters: ALTERNATIVES, Organic Pig Production, Loose Sow Housing Problems: Silage solution, Garlic may help early weaning problems, Pig Welfare & QA. Growth Promoters: Environmental Benefits, Creep Feeding tips.
Nelson’s Noah’s ArkWe live in the Niagara Region of Ontario,Canada. We raise miniature pot belly pigs, pygmy goats, ferrets, some pheasants and doves also several breeds of rabbit.
Pancetta’s PagesSeveral pages of pictures, links, sounds & information featuring my little 100 pound seetheart, Pancetta Q. Pig!
THE SWINERY RANCHPot-Bellied Pigs and Pig Rescue. Domestic “DUROC” Pigs,Weenier pigs and Butcher Pigs!
PigTailz Junction SanctuaryPigtailz Junction, located in Howell, NJ, is the home for 50+ pet pigs residing on four acres, shaded by tall oak and pine trees. Tails wag in contentment, rooting and grazing, with kiddie pools and mud holes for a cool dip in the summer.
Hoofer’s Haven Pig Sanctuary, Thunder Bay, CanadaThings to purchase to help the sanctuary…photos of the animals that they care for and one’s that all open for adoption.
P’tou the Pig’s Home PageDedicated to pigs, and more pigs. I have started to collect the stories of rescued pigs and some of the horrific things that have happened to them before they arrived in a safe place. I will add to these stories as I am able to collect them and will add links to sanctuaries and other rescue groups as I am able.
Dumpling the CyberpiggyJust piggy stuff
Retro CreationsFun art of Vintage Toys “Piggy Cook”, etc.
Sweet Pea’s CyberPiggie PageSweet Pea offers helpful advice to those faced with raising an orphaned or abandoned piglet as she was abandoned herself.
Pork Chop’s Little Piece of Heaven on EarthIt’s about me, Pork Chop…and I am a Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig. Mommy says I am spoiled but I ain’t. You can come visit me but be sure to bring wots and wots of ‘maters okay. Wuv, Pork Chop \(oo)/
Hoofers HavenWe are the only Canadian sanctuary for PBPs right now.
Sir CostALot and FriendsIt’s about Sir CostALot, a Havanese puppy, and Roxie Rue Pig, a pot bellied pig.
Puddin, Hamlet, Dumplin, and Aardvark!Some people would say that pigs, pugs, and hedgehogs have nothing in common, we would have to disagree.
Claire’s Pig PageA miniature pot-bellied pig page with detailed information on the care of and life with a pot-bellied pig.
Valentines Performing Pigs“Valentines Performing Pigs will leave hoof prints on your heart !”
Potbellied Pig ProductsA directory of product suppliers.
Potbelly Pigs MagazineAlthough they have not been very nice to me, they do put out a slick little magazine. Kind of lacking for content lately, but a good source for pretty pictures (if you didn’t find enough here!).
Emma Louise’s Pig PageA great site for happy pig pictures!
Finnish Minipig AssociationCan’t review what ya can’t read!
PigCrazyAcresMaryland pig lovers. Some nice pictures.
Hamlets and Aardvark’s Web PagePet lovers who develop web stuff.
Nellie and Valentines Performing PigsNellie, the world famous pig of commericials and Letterman fame! Unfortunately this site is at Tripod where you get the annoying banners that won’t go away. Great pics of these famous pigs.
Penelope the Pot-Belly Pig
It’s not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face hurt. Lots of pics.
PigPalsHome of the PigPals mailing list and Porcinus Sanctum. Great pics!
WWW Directory of PBP Owner’s E-mail AddressesAre you listed?
Pink Pig PageA wonderful site full of great graphics and humor… in French. I’m not sure what it means but we’re linked here next to the words, “Des tonnes de liens…Chaudement recommande!”
Sue’s Pig PenSue is a pig. I mean, she’s really a pig. Strutting her stuff all over the net. Doesn’t she know that children look at these pages? Someone hand that pig a towel.

Starlight Show Pigs

Two long-time professional breeders work towards producing an “exceptional line” of pet pigs.

Austrailian Pig Page

Pig Industry of Austrailia. Nice art. Lots of links. Pig Farmer interests.

New Pig Corporation

Spill and clean up products and supply company that adopted the pig as it’s mascott and namesake. They actually registered the word PIG as their trademark! Very cute graphics. My favorite non-petpig site!


A 4H Market Hog Project from Iowa State University.

Virtual Pet Cemetary

Though we hope it’ll never happen. This is the place to immortalize pets now in sty-heaven.

Piggio’s Page

Written by Piggio his-self(!?). From politics to flying. See life from a pig’s eye view.

Critter Lover’s Farm

A Baltimore, Maryland breeder with piglets for sale. No baby pictures yet on-line, but they promise to post some. They’ve put a pig care booklet on-line (requires Acrobat Reader, a free utility program which is also available through a link on this page) for downloading which is a pretty good reference and well worth the download. They’ve been busy creating articles of several topics including litter training, teeth grinding and local pig laws. Now available is a partial list of localities with laws on PBPs.

KPIG Radio

A radio station that lives to pork. Live on the air net feed. DJ Cam. Take the way cool on-line studio tour… They’ve got more pig paraphernalia than we do! For lots of fun, send them a SASE for a very cool pig sticker. Sing along!

Al & Jenn Green’s Page

Some pig loving folks here in Pennsylvania. What happened to the pig pics?

Boris the Potbellied Pig

The Wisconsonian pig with he own abode. Resources. Photographs. Lots of original information. Be sure not to miss the original greetings cards. Hear from the great Boris himself as he offers his opinions on favorite food and treats.

Mark Hayes Home Page

Complete with a noffing PBP simulator. What’s that they say about a pet and his owner? (just kidding, Mark)

Pig Puppet

Origami Pig Stick Puppet pattern. Very Cool. Go get the kids and some scrap paper.

PIGS, A Sanctuary

A West Virginia sanctuary for pigs. Top 10 List of Happy Pig things. FAQs about keeping a pig as a pet. Straightforward text document of useful and important information by folks who recognize the hazards to the new owner’s and the individual pig. While these folks don’t believe that PBPs should be kept as full-time house pets, their views and input are important to the discussion of pig ownership. Check out their new graphic based informational site, 

Pigs… Pigs… Pigs

Motby’s Pigs. A former breeder who stopped selling PBP’s once the terrible abuses and neglect some of these animals face became apparent. Three cheers. Read the story of Motby’s favorite pig.

ACME Pet Directory

An overall great pet site! PBP links and resources. Well done PBP FAQ. And don’t miss Acme’s 

Cool Pet Page of the Day

… remember that we won, we won, we won!

Alberta Wild Boar

They’re not PBPs, but they’re _cute_.

Jingle Bellies Xmas Album

You’ve heard chipmunks, cats and dogs sing their little hearts out during the Christmas season… but YULE squeal with delight when you hear… Commercial site… but heck, it’s still cute.

Potbellied Pig Listserver 

and Ed Snorton the pig.

NETVet & Electronic Zoo Home Page

A great site. Home of The Electronic Zoo. Pets & Pork. Dozens of health links, text documents and information. Much of the available data is of a scientific and research orientation. Pig genetics. Farming data. Animal science. Pet and commercial links. 

Pig Carvers Asociation

These people carve pigs as lures for wild boars.

Pig Latin Converter

I’ve tried and tried but Bacon doesn’t understand a word of it.

Pig Gallery

“The Ultimate Pig Gallery”. One kid’s pig art collection.

Oklahoma State

History of the PBP. Graphics. Animal Science. A great site and a great reference.

PA Heartland Products

“The One Stop Pig Shop” Over 20 years of experience in animal nutrition. They list lots of cool pig stuff. I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t a catalog available online but you can get one just by asking.


A home page about Yoshi. Great pics. Personal.

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