Pet Hedgehog’s Behaviour Characteristics & Personality Traits [what Does It Mean?]

Read about how to understand your hedgehog and help him be more friendly.

Different behaviors & personalities

It’s possible to separate behaviors into 4 different categories.

  • The affectionate

Perpetually calm, he will let you pick him up without making a sound or even raise his quills.  He will walk on you and try to find a warm spot to sleep.  The affectionate kind will gladly accept food from your hand and will not try to bite you.

  • The fearful

He will test your patience and devotion when it will come to socialize him.  A simple sound will frighten him and will make him go into a ball to protect himself.  It can be quite difficult for you to make him do some exercises in a larger area.  In an exercise pen, he will be the one motionless or the one getting mad at the other hedgehogs.

  • The active

The active hedgehog will not stay in place.  He needs to move, to play, and will try to escape.  It’s always fun to look at him.  With a toilet paper roll on his head, he will run and hit the walls of his cage.  He doesn’t seem to sleep and noise will not disturb him.  He will adapt easily to a new environment. 

  • The hermit

Less sociable, he prefers to stay in his ball and ignore the action around him.  If you take him, he will keep this position for a long time but with time, he will become very affectionate.  He prefers to get out at night when no one is around.  He loves his privacy.

Ways to express himself

Your hedgehog will make a lot of sounds and act differently depending on the situation.  To understand him better, here is a quick list of the sounds and actions you might experience with your hedgehog.

  • Purring

Very similar to a cat’s purring, it lets you know how content he is.  He feels good and safe.

  • Puffing

If your hedgehog breathes heavily, it means he is scared.  He isn’t sure about his environment.

  • Hissing & clicking

Your hedgehog is trying to tell you to leave him alone.  Don’t get too close, don’t take him.  He needs his space.

  • Snuffling

When walking around with his little nose up in the air, it means he’s happy and exploring his environment.

  • Singing

A male will sing to his female to express his love to her.  It means he is ready to breed.  Small babies will make a similar sound when they are hungry and looking for mom.

  • Screaming

Your hedgehog can scream for many reasons.  He might be in pain, scared, or extremely mad at something or someone.

  • Snoring

Your hedgehog can snore in his sleep.  Like other animals, he can also dream and make sounds and sudden moves.

  • The ball

When your hedgehog makes a ball, he wants to let you know that he is scared.  Don’t try to open him.  You might end up hurting him.

  • Spines Up!

Once again, it’s a sign that he isn’t comfortable and scared.  He wants to protect himself from danger.

How to socialize your hedgehog

Hedgehogs are not always easy to take.  Some can be very difficult and people give up hope too fast.  You will need patience and will have to do most of the work.

Your hedgehog will recognize your smell.  The best way to make him feel secure is to always put the same perfume around him.  You can also leave a piece of clothing with your perfume in his cage.

You’ll have to get him used to be taken in people’s hands.  Take him for 15 to 30 minutes every night.  If he is not happy, just ignore him.  Watch television, make your phone calls and he will stay put on your legs.

Hand feeding him is another good method to show him how much you care.  Offer him a treat by putting it in your hand.  With time, he will get closer and closer.  Don’t make any sudden moves.

Give him his personal space.  If he is sleeping, don’t wake him up.  He’s just like you.  He doesn’t like to be surprised in his sleep and might be in a bad mood.

You can move his cage to where the family is more present.  Let him get used to the familiar noises of your home.

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