Pandemic Living With Your Pet? [tips to Use Dog Toys for Training 2022]

Dog toys are one of the most important things you can buy for your dogs, dog toys help to relieve mental stress, create bonding, improve dental health, develop mental and physical coordination, dog training and prevent your dogs from eating away your personal belonging. Buying dog toys that are tough and durable are very important as it’s safer to use and also more cost-effective in the long run. 

How To Use Pet Toys In Your Dog Training With A New Puppy?

Most owners think of pet toys as something purely for fun and playtime with their puppies and dogs. But they can also be used during dog training, as a form of reward for good behavior. The key is to work with a new puppy so that he becomes very attached to one or two pet toys. This toy then becomes highly prized by the animal, which you can use to your advantage while dog training him.

Using favorite pet toys during dog training sessions: The first step is to get your new puppy excited about the pet toys you wish to use for dog training later on. You can do this by acting happy and enthusiastic when you give him the toy. But you must do this every time. In addition, while playing with your pup, be sure to interact with him using those toys you wish to have him become attached to. Again, do this every single time.

Once your puppy clearly prefers the pet toys you chose, you’re ready to incorporate them into his dog training sessions. Whenever your animal does what you want as you train him, alternate his rewards between a healthy treat and the toy. Mix it up a bit, and be sure to heap lots of praise and affection on him to reinforce the good behavior.

When the pet toys you’ve been using for dog training inevitably wear out or break, it’s not essential that you get others just like them. You can, but remember that what your puppy is really associating those good feelings with is your approval, not the plaything.

Dog Toys Safety Tips

Think fun and safe when looking for dog toys at the pet store.

Anyone who has dogs knows that dog toys are an essential part of life. Frequent trips to the pet store (in person or online) become routine, as your puppy destroys each new toy and demands another. You know how it is, right? Well, next time dog toys are on the agenda, consider these safety points as you peruse the options at the pet store.

Choose A Toy That Can’t Be Swallowed Whole

Puppies of nearly every breed LOVE to chew on dog toys. But they’re inexperienced, so it’s important to choose a toy that can’t be swallowed whole or come apart into small pieces that might lodge in his throat. Good pet store choices include hard rubber chews and bones. These give your puppy something to play with that is nearly impossible to destroy or swallow. Safety first – especially with the little guys!

Choose Wisely For Your Large Dogs

Safety is also a concern with adult dogs when looking for dog toys, of course. Large breeds have bigger throats, and that means a small toy can be a problem. Choose wisely at the pet store if your furry friend is big.

Find Alternatives For Those Toys

And don’t limit your choices to safe dog toys made specifically for that purpose. Many items you might not find at a pet store make great alternatives, like tennis balls and Frisbees.

You have a lot of options in dog toys: plush, squeakers, bones, balls, etc. Most are well made and will provide your pet with hours of fun. Just remember to keep safety issues in mind too when you visit the pet store so your best buddy can enjoy his fun without getting hurt.

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