Obsessed With Russian Blue Cats? Learn About What Is So Special About Them (2022)

In short, I always associate them with royalty. You know, not with those who sit in lush clothes and gold at official receptions, and with … Princess Diana, or something … They attract me with their rare breed charm: these cats combine grace without mannerism, dignity without arrogance, modesty, which testifies to a very good upbringing, well, you understand me.

So, again, a comparison with crowned persons. I wonder how it feels when several kings and queens wander around your house, who, moreover, periodically burst into broods of infants?

The Nature Of The Russian Blue

Oh, these are cats with amazing character! – Dignity and love – this is how I would characterize the relationship that reigns between people and animals. Russian blues are very loyal to everyone: they do not impose their society, but always ready to play. And no broken vases or torn curtains, no crush and fuss!

They are very smart, it is always easy to negotiate with them, explain what can be done and what can not. And, you can be sure, none of them violate the “given royal word”, for example, never dig in a flower pot.

Russian blues speak in very quiet voices with soft intonations. Some of my pets end up with people who cannot devote as much time to them as we do. But this is not a problem: cats of this breed easily adapt to any environment, they are quite self-sufficient.

Russian Blue World

Today in the world there are several associations of breeders of the breed. They are mainly located in England, USA, Canada and Australia. From the first glance at the pages of the sites of these organizations, it becomes clear that they are not dead lists of kennels, namely, interest clubs that hold their exhibitions, report news, track trends in the development of the breed, in general, control the process. “Unfortunately, our ranks have dwindled a bit over the past year,” says Amanda Roberts, who heads the RBBA (British Blue Breeders Association) in her 23rd show last October. “But we are still one big happy family. And even if the sun has diminished its ardor, this does not mean that we are less enthusiastic about our beautiful cats. ” Judging by the list of winners and grand champions, Ms Roberts’ florid allegory is not a “commonplace” of the report. And the section “RBBA Nurseries” is striking in its quantity and geographical diversity: it mentions not only “fellow countrymen”, but also other Europeans, including the nursery from St. Petersburg.

Approximately the same impressive lists can be seen in other associations. And this despite the fact that the Russian blue, to put it mildly, does not occupy the top lines of the breed ratings! Moreover, breeders are proud (or practical?) In the first lines of the home pages of their sites indicate that they are members of the council for the breed or their kennel is on the list of the association of names.

What lies at the heart of the desire for unification? Maybe this desire to become one of the cogs of a well-oiled mechanism? Indeed, without a doubt, “Russian blue” is an established brand, the external distinguishing PR feature of which is the “Russian” names of catteries (Troika, Tzar Blue, Faberge, Samovar) and the names of cats (Dmitri, Alexei Ratmansky, Dashkova, Maria Morevna). Hidden from the eyes of uninitiated people is the regular holding of monobreed shows, the loyal coexistence of several standards for the breed and a special spirit of equanimity and calm confidence in the future of breeders who are not spoiled by the megapopularity of the breed.

In the vastness of the country, which provided the aboriginal material for the formation of the breed, there is still no monobreed club. Why is a question that remains without a clear answer. On cat forums, topics related to the Russian blue are discussed, but 99% of them are related to health, care and feeding – that is, they are not professionally felinological. Perhaps such a state of affairs, when each breeder is one warrior in the field, is associated with the Russian mentality: well, our man does not like to “clump together”, considering himself a completely self-sufficient person. Or maybe the very name of the breed is not perceived in Russia as exotic (which is natural) and, accordingly, is not considered a brand. And breeders have certain problems of breed development (the same notorious spread of standards), which can only be solved together!

CFA Rating – 2008

According to the results of the last exhibition season, the cat TSAR BLU’S ZHIVAG0 took the 12th place in the national championship, and the new breed TSAR BLU’S TSUNAMI OF CHLOEADORES became the winner in the international division. The animals belong to Donna Fuller, a breeder from California.

By the way, about the secrets. RBBA is very kind to its breed. They begin their story about the Russian blue on the site with the statement that the Russian blue (no more, no less!) “Wears the smile of Mona Lisa.” What is this cat smiling so mysteriously about? Perhaps she is amused by the naive legends about her own origin, perhaps the assumption that her appearance has remained unchanged for a century, perhaps she is simply above all this felinological fuss … But how without fuss ?! Where would the breed be now, and would it be at all, if not for its passionate and selfless fans who cherish and promote it?

Coco Chanel

Elizabeth Stark from Glasgow, UK, has been running Dushenka for 30 years. This is a very respected and famous breeder all over the world. Her cats and cats have received titles of champions and grand champions more than once.

“If you need a sophisticated, sophisticated cat, the Russian blue will suit. Their appearance speaks for itself: they are elegantly slender, but not angular, they are distinguished by an extraordinary sensual, soft look with stunning green eyes, the most delicate coat – velvety, iridescent with silver shades, which is irresistibly drawn to touch. It is useless to resist, and why?

All modern Russian blues are descended from those that were exported to England from Russia, from Arkhangelsk, in the 1890s. For more than a century, their appearance practically did not change, just as their popularity did not change. There have always been not many admirers of this breed – after all, they are connoisseurs of discreet, refined beauty, and such are always a minority. But at the same time, their admirers were at all times. That is, we can say that the external data of the Russian blue, her beauty are timeless.

My main breeder idea is to preserve this dissimilarity, this special, so to speak, lifestyle of the breed, so that in another century and a half people can see Russian blue cats as they were found on the shores of the White Sea. Well, or almost like that. “


Now it is clear what the “trick” is: Russian blue is out of fashion. That is, it is in the category of stylish copyright works of art. I read something similar in a booklet I bought at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts at an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Madame Chanel. Everything that was created in the world of fashion by this brilliant woman fascinates and conquers not everyone, but there are always admirers of her style in every generation. Although, of course, statistically, there are much more adherents of Italian fashion or oriental motives in the world. And this is good: against their background, a woman in a dress from Chanel looks all the more flawless. All life and all of Coco’s work was united by one idea, one style, today we call it all “the world of Chanel”.

And what will happen to the Russian blue world?

On the forums of cat lovers, no, no, yes, and there is a theme of returning to the original “Arkhangelsk” type of Russian blue. If this means replacing an already established breed, then such a turn of events would be more than revolutionary.

However, breeders agree that, theoretically, it would be quite realistic to restore the alleged type of blue cats from surviving images and modern local animals, but this will already turn out to be a different, new breed with its own standard and under a different name. And it is unlikely that her appearance will be enthusiastically received in the felinological world. “And why? – ask the breeders. – After all, there is already a beloved, proven and exclusive brand” Russian blue “!”

You Are Perfection Itself

The authors of absolutely all articles about Russian blues, from newspaper articles to solid encyclopedias, did not escape the cliché, retelling these or those “historical facts”. Indeed, it was much more interesting to write about the “gray mouse-catchers of the Pomor villages”, about the gifts of the Russian queens of their “palace” cats to the crowned persons of Foggy Albion, about the long voyage by the sea of ​​cats “allegedly from Arkhangelsk” in the arms of the English aristocracy at the end of the 19th century, etc. (At the dawn of the Russian felinological movement, I did not escape these retellings.)

But today it is not worth wasting time on refuting the fictions generated by someone’s fantasy. Or, conversely, look for their evidence. But to write that “only enthusiasts of the breed love it”, or to ask “about the close-knit ranks of breeders” (yes, they do not want to unite!) Is somehow already awkward. What should you focus on?

Personally, I really love this green-eyed breed. My Plyusha (she is 23 years old!) Was recognized as a phenotypic Russian blue in the very first Moscow KLK. I am proud of this fact, although I have never exhibited it. However, today we should not talk about “aborigines”, but raise the professional problems of breeders. The breed, as they say, “from the old”, is successful in Europe and America, but not here.

Once I had the opportunity to discuss this topic. “She will not bloom lush,” – said my interlocutor. I, counting on a positive opinion, was annoyed by such a remark and retorted that, they say, sometimes a small snowdrop on bare ground, and not a “bouquet of lush roses”, can inspire to create a masterpiece. In response, I heard that “they will buy a bouquet anyway.”

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