10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America? (2022) [dog Owners Must-read]

If you are considering the adoption of a dog and want a dog breed from the top ten list of most popular dogs in the USA, research top Internet sites such as .org, Edu, the AKC, or PetMed.com to mention a few.

Research the history, temperament, intelligence, ability to be around children, health issues, and much more to be sure you are adopting a pet for you and your family that is within your expectations. The following list is the top ten most popular dog breeds put together by the AKC panel.

(Scroll to the bottom of this blog to see which breed is the most popular dog!)

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10th: Rottweilers

This breed of dog has a large frame, and both the bitches and male are strong in bone structure. This dog has great agility is strong and displays good endurance.

This dog has a medium build. This breed is black in color with rust markings. This breed has unique digestive needs at all phases of its life. This dog is a family dog that is protective towards family members with a lot of affection and love to give. The Rottweiler has superb intelligence, willing to work hard as a companion, and guard dog.

9th The French Bulldog

This breed of dog shows incredible intelligence, is active, and their structure, although medium to a small structure with short legs is sturdy with thick bone mass.

The hair is short and smooth and black in color. This dog is naturally alert to its surroundings. They have a curiosity and interest in activities around them. If you decide to purchase this dog, you will be pleased to know that it is not a barker.

However, they will alert you to any suspicious activity around the home. They are not active dogs, but they do appreciate a daily walk or a time of play out-of-doors. These dog owners need to know that this breed does not do well in hot, humid weather and does better when inside an air-conditioned home. These dogs relate to a lovely kitty lap-sitter, preferring their owner’s lap to rest.

8th The Boxer

This short-haired dog has a medium build. They have a great square, short muzzle, and are a muscular breed. This dog has a unique strength, and they are very agile.

This dog embraces work with its incredible intelligence, strength, agility, and stamina. This breed of dog frequently utilized within the military and police K9 units stands by and protectively dedicated their owners and family members.

They work well for blind guides, guard dogs, and attack dogs. This dog has short, shiny hair with colors ranging from light brown, tan, yellow, red, and darker browns. Some breeds carry white in their coat. All this breed needs is a long walk to exercise them. This dog breed does not live well outside and especially does it do well in the hotter months.

7th Poodle

The poodle comes in a variety of sizes from the teacup poodle to the larger standard size dog. This dog breed has met many different venues such as for hunting, shows, guide dogs, performers, and a simple, loving household companion.

The poodle walks with royal dignity and grace, as though proud of its heritage. The hair on this dog is corded and tight, and the hair can be white, pink, black, or brown, but never mixed. The two most famous poodles are the standard and the miniature. Each breed carries varying degrees of personality.

6th Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier sometimes called The Yorkie is an intelligent, talented animal. The breed has an abundance of energy and is loyal to its owner and family members.

Yorkies, given their small size, are excellent guard dogs. The hair on the Yorkie is long and flowing, with a silky texture. This breed’s color is gray-blue and tan. This dog demands frequent brushing and sometimes owners tie back the hair from the animal’s face.

5th Bulldog

Just the sight of a bulldog makes strangers step back, as their appearance is quite intimidating, making strangers unsure how the animal will greet them.

However, in spite of their intimidating looks, the bulldog is the gentlest of creatures, and affectionate. Bulldogs are short and squat in appearance. Their head is broad and massively significant.

The color of the bulldog may be brindle, light yellow in color, white, black, light brown or the colors can present a mixture. Bullheadedness and determination rule the qualities of this breed of dog. They dominate space and are persistent in getting what they want. They are courageous and defend and protect what is theirs, including their owner and family.

4th The Beagle

The Beagle takes the number five slot on the ten best dogs list. The Beagle, for years and continues to be known to be truly one of the man’s best friends.

If you want an excellent family dog that is great with children, the beagle answers this call with its long droopy ears. This breed is loyal to its owners and possesses a spunky nature. They have excessive energy that explains the need to be around children.

Beagles have a possessive and cunning nature that many times gets them into trouble. They have a nose for hunting things they should not be such as shoes, dirty laundry, and the garbage can. Owners need to be patient, yet firm in the training of this breed. This breed, known for their ear-piercing bark, their petty whining, and belly howls can sometimes get to the owner and their neighbors.

3rd The Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful breed of dog. They seem to have an ever-present and joyful smile. They are full of energy, and their walk is a royal prince.

Even though the Golden Retriever is considered a hunting dog this breed makes a wonderful family dog as they are great around children. This dog loves to play and fetch which comes from their water-hunting genes. Golden Retrievers love to bring guests their favorite toy to lure the guest to play or just for a pat on the head. This breed is intelligent in its thinking capacity and adapts well to a regimented training schedule.

2nd The German Shepherd

Owners find that this breed of dog will be fiercely loyal companions that are brilliant. These dogs are obediently courageous, easy to train due to their willingness to learn, and are cheerful. When training a German Shepherd, it is essential that the trainer is firm and loving.

German Shepherds like to work and be close to their owners and family members. They are fierce protectors of family members. This breed lives in peace with other animals within the household. Because of the German Shepherd’s intelligence often the breed is trained to work with the military, security forces, rescue services, and police. Farms also employ this kind as a sheepdog. There is no other breed of dog that shows such fierce, loving companionship.

1st The Labrador Retriever

This breed continues to be number one of the ten most popular dogs. This dog is family orientated and wins the hearts of many households. This breed also known as a Lab is polite, has an excellent temperament and works hard to please.

This dog breed is a natural retriever in the sport of hunting. However, it is the nature of this dog that wins the hearts of people, as they are kind, outgoing and friendly. Labs and children make an excellent combination. Labs are easygoing and easy to train with their high energy level that demands plenty of walks and runs. They enjoy playing and fetching.

Last words: Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs rise above the other companion animals in their loyalty, friendship, and devotion to humans. After all, dogs will return their owner’s love 100 percent if not more. The enthusiastic greeting that your dog provides you on your arrival home, the joy of chasing the tennis ball, the tail wagging when you clip the leash its collar, and cuddling with you on the couch are all ways that a dog returns your affection.

You should always remember that dog ownership is a responsibility and not a privilege. The dogs depend on humans for shelter, food, and medical care along with affection since they are social animals. Before you take a dog into your house, you should consider the level of commitment it requires to provide quality care to the animal. When you are a dog owner at present, you need to be ready to fulfill all of your pet-ownership obligations in the proper manner.

Dogs fully earn their reputation of being “man’s best friend” in a number of ways. If you are a dog owner currently, you understand how loyal and loving these animals are on top of adorable and even helpful at times. Just think about all the service dogs that offer assistance in various ways to people today to understand the last characteristic.

Dog ownership is not just about playing with your pet all the time. Dogs require proper nourishment, care, and attention and also have behavioral problems or suffer from health issues on occasion.

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