Mini Potbelly Pig Pet Supplies & Accessories List 2023 [Cute & Practical]

What are the best pig supplies and accessories?

Below I list the pet pig products we use or have used for my mini pig. Of course, there are lots of other variations and tips, but I still hope this can be helpful to you. To see more variants, feel free to look under links where I link to similar animal accessories on Amazon.

Beds For Mini Pigs

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✅ Best POPETPOP Guinea Pig Bed

Multi-purpose – Made of soft and comfortable material, it ensures your pet’s good sleep and comfortable daily activities. Pink pig shape design with lovely color, looks super cute.

This is Chico’s bed. It is called “Round bed Kumfi” and it is 91×66 cm. Art. nr at Gibbon: 959712

Comfort Fit Safety Harness Pig

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✅ Best 10ft Adjustable Mini Pig Harness

PIGGY HARNESS – Unlike other multicolored flimsy cheap harness, we only use the most suitable material and size for animals, our 6mm nylon rope for pets won’t rubs the hair off the pig. and allow to provide your piggy soft and comfortable.

In the beginning, we used a rabbit harness, but it did not take long until Chico had grown out of it. This harness we have had for a long time can be used for a long time. It is called “Harness checkered red Hi-art” and has art. No. 942103 at Gibbon. The dimensions are: 25×76-81cm

Mini Pig Leash

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✅ Best Mini Pig Adjustable Harness Leash For Piggy

Looks great ! – Gineva Pigs are so small and other harnesses don’t work well because it chokes the neck. This one is Perfect for small pigs.

We had a lot of use for this leash! We changed the first leash (which was not a treadmill) fairly quickly. This leash has a running line of 5m, but today we have changed to a leash with the possibility to run 8m. This has item no. 959102 at Gibbon.

Pig Proof Food & Water Bowl

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✅ Best Stainless Steel Hanging Pig Cage Bowl 

Tricky install some cages – Order arrived promptly. There are 2 bowls for each unit which was handy. Having the removable metal bowls worked well when you had a cat not leaving the back half of the carrier. Of the 6 units, 5 installed well and 1 was a problem. The screws weren’t stripped, but they didn’t turn easily. It also wouldn’t stay tight on the cage door.

Chico’s first food bowls were very small but otherwise similar to the ones he has now. They are made of stainless steel and are easy to wash, which is needed! You must have bowls that stand firmly because there is a great risk that they will be overturned otherwise. 

At the age of one year, we changed the food bowl to this one instead. It is stuck to the floor with a small piece of adhesive. Chico has to place the front hooves on the tray to access the bowls. It gets very dirty and messy – although now it stays on and around the tray. Other floors in the kitchen stay fresher longer. We think it is a great investment.

Extra Large Litter Box For Pigs

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✅ Best Large Pet Pan For Adult Guinea Pigs 

Life is so much simpler now – This is the best thing ever! It is extremely easy to clean. Plastic is thick yet flexible. It also has a attachment in the back to secure it to the cage. 

This litter box is great! Although we have removed the white frame because pigs do not scratch in the sand and that it makes it more difficult for the pig’s short legs to step in and out. We have one on each floor and it works great! Art. No. 780120 at Gibbon.

We use this cat litter and it is as good as it gets. The kiss clumps, which makes it easy to lift out! Chico pees both outside and inside, so it does not use a lot of sand. 

Baby Pig Clothing, Outfits & Coats

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✅ Best Baby Infant Pig Halloween Costume

This was a cute item – This outfit was very cute. It was very pink and perfect for a little girl.

This little “jacket” I have sewn for him .. it is not so beautiful, but it fulfills its function. It is sewn in three layers; sheet fabric next to the body, heat-retaining filling, and then water-repellent fabric at the end. Unfortunately, I can not formsy, so it will be a bit of a “wing” at the back. But that should be enough this year because I have not found a dog model that seems good.

Toys For Potbelly Pigs

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✅ Best Potbelly Pig Toy

Cuteness Overload – This little guy makes the perfect addition to stuffed animal collection ? you want a real piggy but this is the best you can do for now.

This is actually a dog toy but is very much appreciated by Chico. He received it as a Christmas present in 2003. Candy pieces are hidden under doors that are to be pushed aside. It costs about 300: –

Mini Pig Indoor Housing

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✅ Best BWOGUE Guinea Pig Bed Cave Large Hide Out

Great for guinea pig. – Perfect size for one guinea pig or two if they get along well. They love it and haven’t seemed interested in ruining it yet. Only washed it once so far so you can’t say how well it will hold up from being washed.

Mini Pig Water Dispenser

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✅ Best New Kids Mini Pig Water Dispenser

Water Storage Bottle – The cute mini design is more attractive to children, develop a good habit of drinking water every day, and grow up healthily. .Made of safe food-grade materials, filled with pure water or fruit juice without residues at your discretion.

Busy Balls For Pigs

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✅ Best Wheeky Treat Ball Toy For Guinea Pigs

Good source of entertainment and exercise! – This is perfect for guinea pigs. You put the treats inside and you can put it in their cage or use it during floor time. This toy is very mentally stimulating for small animals. When they push it around they can get rewarded by a treat being dispensed.

Pig Rooting Blanket

Other than the above-mentioned, you might also need the following categories of products depending on whether you plan to keep your pet pig indoor or outdoor. Make sure to check out the FAQs to have a better understanding of your pig.

  • Feed
  • Medical Supplies and equipment
  • Hay and/or straw for bedding
  • Construction materials (for barns or animal shelters)
  • Fencing and fence materials (posts, staples, etc….)
  • Equipment (tractors, lawn mowers, post hole diggers, bush hogs, etc….)
  • Vehicles

Potbelly Pig Skin Care

We use one like this when we remove the loose skin on Chico. He likes it most of the time, though not if you go on for too long. It is very effective! Has item no. 837800 in Gibbons world.


Pig Treats For Training

Here you can see the bag of what we use as candy for Chico.

This is the piece of candy that is in the bag above. The clip is only included so you can see how small it is.

Pig Rooting Box

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