Mini Pig at Home: Can It Stay Alone? [how to Keep Your Pet Happy 2023]

When we are at work/school, Chico is home alone. It will be about 6-7 hours per day and it is going very well. He sleeps mostly, we think because often he has not even peed. We let Chico have access to most of our mezzanine when he is alone, where there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a large hall. When we leave home, we push him to the double bed and let him jump up there. We cuddle for a while and talk softly and explain to him that we are now going and he will be alone for a while. When we leave the room, he kindly stays in bed. We close the child gate that we have above the stairs when we go down. When we sounded the alarm, we shouted “hello then, Chico” before closing the door.

It is easier to leave him alone during the day than in the evening. If we are invited, we take him with us as often as possible.

He is with us as much as possible, we want to be with him at all times as possible. You do not get a pet to leave it alone or confined. You adapt your life as best you can to make the animal feel good – we have done that too. Bl. a. the children are responsible two and three days/week respectively when they have to go home immediately after school to release Chico and give him food. His well-being is important for the whole family!

Another family, who also leaves their pig alone during the day, takes out the pig’s toys and gives them to him when they leave. Then he plays with them until he gets tired and then he goes to bed and sleeps until they come home.

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