Mini Pig Aggression: How to Discipline a Pet Pig? 2022

It is clear that there can be some problems when you have an animal, the same applies of course if you have a pig.


There are aggressive pigs, just as there are aggressive dogs for example.
Wild pigs live in herds and they are territorial. Both of these traits can, of course, affect our perception of them as aggressive.

Chico is very concerned about his territory. It can be shown by, for example, growling when the children enter our bedroom, because there he and we sleep, not the children. It can also happen that he growls when someone approaches when he is lying and cuddling in my lap, because then no one can disturb! When we visit, he protests as long as they are in the kitchen. It seems like he does not want to compete with anyone else for the food, what if he gets less …

A girl has described the following about her pig’s aggressiveness:
“Our neutered is very careful about his territory and does not let outsiders pat him or even enter the house. He is also a little grumpy towards us, but much better. We have accepted that he spends time when he wants and gets the space he needs.This works well for us, but can be difficult at the annual visit to the vet, or to, for example, cut the hooves. garden so much, but mostly in bed and thus isolates us from visits. He is not a monster, but cares about his place. “

Praise – Punishment

No matter how you punish your pig, it is very important that you praise it often and well when it does good things! You want a happy pig and then it is important that it feels that you also think it is good!

We usually praise Chico with “sweets” and encouraging words like “good” or “good”. He gets a lot of pats and kisses all the time, but when he is good it gets a little extra. 

Chicos candy is something we got from the pet store when we bought the cat litter, it is food for cats and dogs, but it is in small, small, small pieces. He gets these pieces of candy during the day when he has been good. See pictures under “accessories”.

When Chico does something he does not get, we put him on his back or hold him on his back in his arms. He really hates it – he screams like just that (like a “stuck pig”). Unfortunately, it sounds awful, if, for example, he has barked at a discount that he is not allowed to be in, I can not punish him like that because it is heard throughout the area. However, I am very determined and shout “NO” to him, which he listens to. He leaves immediately, but he takes the chance to go back, unfortunately, as soon as he gets the chance. He has eaten my strawberries, hazelnut leaves, and the overblown lungwort. Therefore, the electric fence will be installed in the spring!

Other proposals for punishment;

  • water bottle that you spray on the face with
  • a push in the chest
  • let angry and chase the pig out of the room
  • grab the snout and lift so that the front legs lift from the floor and back the pig in a corner

The latest option is used by the children on Chico, as they do not have the strength to hold on to Chico when he tries to turn from a supine position. We have also used to chase Chico out of the room, especially when he tries to mark territory in the kitchen. Then we chase him out and sometimes we chase him upstairs, then he can stand there and just listen to everything that happens in the kitchen … it hurts, I guess.

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