Looking For Suitable Cat Harness In 2021: Make Outdoor Walks Of Your Cat Safe And Comfortable

A cat harness is a popular accessory, and with plenty of models on sale, it can be quite difficult to make a choice. To pick out the best cat harness 2021 we used a comprehensive approach. We did not just analyze best cat harness reviews of real customers (though it was one of the steps). We also tested a range of popular models in a live situation. To be exact, we compared harnesses based on several criteria, including materials used, size adjustability, quality of fastening, cat’s comfort, as well as some secondary characteristics. The result of this comprehensive testing is a list of 7 top models of cat harnesses of the year 2021.

Top Cat Harness Models: Comparative Chart

 BrandKitty HolsterPUPTECK Escape ProofPetSafe Come With MePUPTECK AdjustablePetetpet Puppy HarnessSmalllee Lucky StoreMynwood Cat Jacket
Type of harnessH-shaped vestH-shaped vestLeadLeadV-shaped vestV-shaped vestH-shaped vest/jacket 
MaterialsStrong cottonSoft mesh fabricNylonNylonSoft breathable fabricSoft mesh fabricStrong cotton
Type of fasteningVelcroVelcroPlastic bucklesPlastic bucklesPlastic bucklesSlip-type fastenerVelcro
Leash attachmentMetal D-ringDouble metal ringMetal ringMetal D-ringStainless steel D-ringMetal ringWelded steel D-ring
Sizes availableXS-XLS-LS-LAdjustableS-LS-LCustomized sizes
Price, $25141310111030

7 Recommended Cat Harness You Should Know Before Buying One

Kitty Holster Cat Harness 

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✅ Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Comfortable harness your cat would not resist – Have you ever faced the situation that when you want to take your cat out for a walk but it does not like the harness? This well-made harness would prevent such a situation from happening! The fabric is made soft and your cat would surely fall in love with this design! What are you waiting for?

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Other colours are also available!

The Kitty Holster cat harness is made in the form of a vest. It is designed to control a cat without making harm to it. The vest is fastened on a pet’s throat and behind the front legs with a Velcro, which lets adjust the size. Available in four sizes – from XS to XL.

Pros: Convenient D-ring for a leash, strong fabric, cotton lining, a lot of color solutions, adjustability.

Cons: Some cats are scared of a Velcro fastening sound. It is also not very convenient for long-hair cats, as their fur tends to be caught by the Velcro, causing discomfort to the pet.

Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash — Holster Style Adjustable Soft Mesh — Best for Walking Black 

This is a well-made cat harness for walking designed in the form of a vest. It is marketed as an escape-proof model because of an additional adjustable closure on the neck.

Pros: The vest is made of meshed fabric – soft and breathing. A double D-ring on the back provides additional security, and a soft Velcro fastening is easy-to-use and convenient. A leash is included, though without a flex.

Cons: Its actual size is smaller than claimed. The extra closure makes the whole item heavier, which makes it uncomfortable for small cats and kittens, while it is not 100% escape-proof.

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Large, Red

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✅ PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

Flexible & worthy harness cat owners should have a glance – With the bungee design, this harness could allow your cat to leap much forward without constraining her too much. The shiny color design is eye-catching and pretty, it could make your cats more glamorous. You can also train your cat with the harness too!

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Explore other similar harness of the same brand before moving on!

This Petsafe cat harness is a lightweight affordable lead for outdoor walking. It has an H-construction, which helps to shift pressure from the cat’s throat to its shoulders. The leash included has a smart bungee construction, which provides spare length.

Pros: The harness is easy to put on and lightweight. It doesn’t hamper a cat, and the size is easily adjusted. Trained cats usually don’t mind wearing such kind of a harness.

Cons. The leash could be longer. The model is not completely escape-proof: if your cat wants to slip out, it will do it without much effort.

PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash Black

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✅ PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash

Excellent cat harness you have never seen – Have you had your adult cats who have never used harness and leash while you are concerning to take them for a walk? This harness could make your cats feel well, fit them nicely! You do not have to worry about your cats would be uncomfortable with this harness after all!

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Explore other similar cat harness of the same brand before moving on!

This is one of the cheapest models intended for small cats and kittens. It also suits for small puppies. An H-shaped lead and a leash both are made of nylon. The size can be easily adjusted with the help of plastic buckles.

Pros: This small cat harness is cheap, lightweight, and at the same time durable. It doesn’t cause harm or discomfort to a cat. Pets usually tolerate it well.

Cons: Nylon straps can disturb cats with sensitive skin. The strap on the back between the neck and the chest loops is not adjusted.

Petetpet Puppy Harness and Leash Breathable Adjustable Harness Set for Cat Small Dogs Pets Walking Training Running Hiking

As the name implies, this harness is intended for both small dogs and medium-sized and big cats. It has a classic V-shaped vest style that is optimal for even pressure distribution. Three sizes – from S to L – are available, and plastic buckles allow further adjustment of straps.

Pros: A universal kit for dogs and cats, which is easily adjusted. High-quality materials – breathing fabric and soft lining that don’t irritate skin. An interesting camouflage color solution (other options are also available).

Cons: The fabric is not too durable. If your pet is active or aggressive, it will tear off the harness in a short time. The model suits calm or passive animals.

Smalllee_Lucky_Store Soft Mesh Nylon Vest Dog Harness Leash Set Leads

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✅ SMALLLEE_Lucky_Store New Soft Mesh Nylon Vest Pet Cat Small Medium Dog Harness Dog Leash Set

Quality harness you should not miss – The harness is made of soft material, shiny hardware shiny, not to mention it is of good quality and is very easy to use. The harness is adjustable and can surround your pet’s body.

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Explore other similar products of the same brand before moving on!

This is another amazing kit for small dogs or cats. The harness is a V-shaped vest with soft pads around the neck opening, which reduces skin irritation. The model is available in three sizes (S-L); a nice leash is included.

Pros: A cheap cat harness that has a very nice polka dot design. It is made of soft breathable fabric – cute and pleasant to touch. The harness itself and the buckles are sturdy enough.

Cons: It can be quite challenging to put it on correctly; the closure system is sort of complicated. Cats can slip out of it easily enough, so it suits only leash-trained pets.

Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Adult Cat

If you like upscale and unique designer products, this cat harness is for your cat. It is a hand-made jacket – comfortable, durable, and, what is most important, escape proof. Every item is created manually from quality materials.

Pros: This jacket is easy to put on and simple to fasten with two long Velcros. It is made of strong cotton fabric, which is easy to wash and durable. The leash is attached to a reinforced steel D-ring. It is more tear-resistant and escape-proof than most of existing models.

Cons: This vest harness is expensive. The strong fabric is sturdy, but long-haired cats or those living in hot regions can be overheated under it.

Verdict And Recommendations

We’ve reviewed some modern and convenient harnesses. But what is the best cat harness? It depends on a number of variables.

If your cat is leash-trained already, you may choose a low-budget leads option, such as PetSafe Come with Me or Pupteck Adjustable Cat Harness. They are lightweight, cheap and durable, while their size can be easily adjusted.

If you need the maximum escape-proofness, try Mynwood Cat Jacket, which is more expensive, but provides a stronger fixation. Mind that your cat can sweat under it, especially if you live in a hot region.

If you are looking for a nice design combined with a reasonable price and convenience, try vests models, such as Kitty Holster, PUPTECK Escape Proof, Petetpet Puppy Harness, or Smalllee Lucky Store. Meanwhile, our choice is Kitty Holster – a lightweight, adjustable, durable and versatile model for everyone.

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