List Of 100+ Mythical God And Goddess Names For Pets

Aglaia – goddess of purity or the shiny
Alwis – old north. “the all-wise dwarf”
Cupid – Roman god of love
Amun – Egypt. “the hidden”, primordial god, also the god of fertility, god of light
Anubis – god of the Egyptian underworld
Apollo – Roman sun god
Apollon – Greek oracle god
Ares – Greek god of war
Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt
Aton – the Egyptian sun god
Ashera – goddess of fertility and vegetation, creator of the Gods in the Middle East
Athena – Greek goddess of heroes, artistry, and wisdom

Bacchus – Roman god of intoxication
Balder – (German / Nordic) light god
Bragi – god of poetry (German / Nordic)
Baju – ind. Wind god
Belus – vegetation, fertility, sky, and weather god in the Near East
Brami – ind. God of eloquence

Castor – brother of “Pollux”, in Greek mythology the savior in need
Ceres – Roman goddess of harvest
Chac – god of rain and agriculture (the Maya)

Danu (also Dana) – kelt. Goddess
Daphne – Greek daughter of the earth goddess Gaia
Diana – Roman goddess of the hunt

Eos – Greek goddess of the morning    
Eros – Greek god of love
Engai – afrik. God of the Maasai
Enki – Sumerian creative creator god
Epona – kelt. Protector goddess of animals

Faro – African. Freshwater
god Faruk – Egypt. King
Fenja – old north. Giantess
Flora – Roman goddess of flowers and blossoms
Freya – old north. Goddess of love and fertility

Gaia (Gaea) – Greek “the earth”, is the all-mother, primordial deity, or goddess of the earth
Guandi – chines. God of war

Hades – Greek God of the dead
Helios – the Greek sun god
Hera – Greek goddess of marriage
Heracles – hero of the Greeks elevated to god
Hermes – Greek messenger of the gods
Hell – goddess of the dead (German / Nordic)
Hestia – Greek goddess of the hearth
Horus – Egyptian god of light

Iduna – old north. Goddess of eternal youth and immortality
Indra – highest Indian god, also the god of storm and firmament, lord of rain and fertility
Inti – in the mythol. the Indian “the sun god”
Iris – Roman goddess of the rainbow
Isis – Egypt. “the fertile land”, mother and sky goddess

Jam – god of the sea in the
MiddleEastJanus – Altital. God of entry and exit (God with 2 faces)
Juno – Roman goddess
Jupiter – Roman father of gods

Kari (north. “Wind”) In Norse mythology, a son of Hrimthursen (frost giant) Fornjotr.
Kronos – Greek father of Zeus and his siblings

Lejo – in Southeast Asia. Mythol. a tribal chief
Lenus – celt. Healing god
Luna – Roman moon goddess
Loki – god of fire and evil, blood brother and enemy of Odin (German / Nordic)
Lucina – Roman goddess of light

Maja – Roman goddess of growth in spring
Mars – Roman god of war
Manito – creator god of North America. Indigenous people, the epitome of the supernatural, spirits
Mars – Italian goddess of healing
Midir – kelt. “Proud”
Mercury – Roman messenger of the gods
Modi – ancient north. “Courage”
Moya – in the African. Mythol. “the blood from which the human being on the mother’s side was formed”

Nanna – Sumerian moon god
Nergal – Sumerian god of war
Neight – the Egyptian patron goddess of the dead
Neilus – Egypt. Electricity god also called Nilus
Neptune – Roman sea god
Nike – the Greek goddess of victory
Nocuma – creative spirit of the natives of California

Odin – father of gods and oracle god (Germ./Norse)
Ostara – north. Mythology: goddess of spring
Oya – in the African. Mythol. Mistress of Niger and giver of fertility

Pan – Greek shepherd god
Pandu – in the ind. Mythol. a King
Perenna – Altital. Goddess of spring, goddess of the beginning and end of the year
Pluto-Roman god of wealth and death
Pollux – brother of “Castor”, in Greek mythology the savior in need. Furthermore, names of the two main stars of the Gemini constellation
Poseidon – Greek god of the sea and all waters
Puck – old north. elven being

Quirinus – the ancient Roman god

Radha – Indian consort of Krishna
Rajah – ind. Prince
Rhea – Greek mother of Zeus and his siblings

Schu – Egyptian air god
Selket – Egyptian scorpion goddess and patron goddess of the dead
Selena / Selina – Greek moon goddess
Seth – Egyptian god of the desert, brother and rival of Osiris
Shiva – Indian. the destroyer
Silvanus – Roman forest god
Siwa – north. Mythology: the beautiful-haired goddess of pleasure

Tamaris – celt. “The Thunderer”, heaven god
Terra – Altital. Earth goddess
Thor – weather – god of lightning and thunder (German / Nordic)

Utu – Sumerian sun god

Vayu – Indian wind god
Venus – altital. Nature and garden goddess, the Roman goddess of love
Victoria – Roman goddess of victory
Vulcano – Roman god of fire

Wali – in Nordic mythology an avenger god, son of Odin
Wotan (also Wuotan, Wodan, Odin) highest German. God

Xantho – Greek sea nymph, daughter of Nereus

Yang – in the Chinese Mythol. the opposite and also the complement to Yin in everything that exists
Yin – in the Chinese. Mythol. the opposite and also the complement to Yin in everything that exists
Yima – in Iran. Mythol. a wise king
yomi – in japan. Mythol. the underworld

Zeus – father of gods and men, god of heaven

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