Let’s Have More Communication With Cat: Questions Cats Would Ask (Part 3) 2021

Why Am I So Tempted To Go To The Toilet In My Neighbor’s Garden?

Cats that relieve themselves in a neighbor’s garden actually mark the boundaries of their territory. Therefore, they irrigate bushes and fences with urine, but do not bury their heaps. As a rule, uncastrated cats behave this way and most often feral cats, that is, they do not have owners.

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If I Have To Use A Cuvette, Which One Is Better And Where Should It Be?

Cats naturally prefer secluded corners for their litter box, so keep the ditch away from busy areas. Since cats are naturally very clean, they will not go to the toilet where they eat, and therefore the cuvette should never be placed next to food and water bowls.

How Can I Prevent Other Cats From Using My Door?

Only with a padlock. If a cheeky cat lives nearby, considering both a stranger’s yard and the house itself as part of its territory, he will readily enter the house for refreshment, chase the cats living there, “or, which is much worse, leave odorous marks.”

What Should My Kittens Do While They Live With Me?

The more varied the mental and physical stimulation in the life of kittens, the more harmoniously they will be developed as they mature. Stimulation of all senses in kittens should start at a few weeks of age. Early stimulation helps the brain grow. More interconnections are formed between nerve cells, and this leads to the fact that cats develop the ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances.

Will Sterilization Affect My Character?

Yes, but from a human point of view, it makes the cat a more interesting and enjoyable companion.

How Should I Take Care Of Myself During Pregnancy?

Pregnant cats can lead a normal life almost until the very birth. At first, enlarged and pinkish nipples are the only sign of pregnancy. There are no other external signs, although owners may feel small, golf-ball-sized lumps in a cat’s belly three weeks after conception.

Will The Father Of My Kittens Help Me Raise Them?

And don’t wait. Cats rarely show interest in their kittens.

Why Do Cats Sometimes Prefer To Make Love With A Pillow Over Cats?

Probably because this is the only one available. The sexual behavior of cats does not necessarily depend on whether the cat has reached puberty, whether he has the necessary experience. A cat’s brain remains “asexual,” sexually “neutral,” until it reaches puberty, whereas cats, and most other male mammals, have “male” brains from birth.

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