Knowing More About Feline Species 2022: Profile Of Long Haired Breed Persian Cats

Cat Breeds

A breed is a long-term breeding group of animals of the same species with typical or identical external signs and behavioral features, which are transmitted under similar conditions to their offspring, which distinguishes them from animals with individual characteristics and characteristics. A group is considered to be animals that, when mated, are not related.

If small groups of individuals appear within the breed that differ from the main breed standard only by minor, insignificant deviations in external characteristics, we are talking about mutations within the same breed.

Persian Cats

These long-haired beauties came to us from Persia (modern Iran), although pictographs of such animals, dating back to 1684 BC, cast doubt on this statement.

The long breeding process changed the original appearance of the Persian cat The main characteristic of the constitution, typical for the entire breed: the body is massive, dense, the head is wide, round, on a short thick neck, the muzzle is full, the nose is short and dull, the chin is large. The head is large or medium-sized from full face. The ears are small, erect, rounded at the ends, set wide apart. The eyes are large, round, bright in color, shiny, set neither deep nor wide. The legs of the cat in relation to other breeds are short and thick, with long feathers on the toes, but not too far apart. The cat’s tail is short, it only slightly touches the ground, not twisted and lacking “knots”, with a blunt end, but rather densely overgrown with magnificent hair. 

The cat’s hair is long, silky, thick, soft, it does not adhere to the body, but forms a collar on the neck. In the inner part of the ears, there are long hairballs; the hairline is also inherent on the outer side of the ears. The color of the coat in one-color (one-colored) breeds is the same on the whole body of the cat, without a pattern or shades and tan; in striped cats, the color and pattern of the coat is clear and bright, which stands out sharply and is clearly delimited from the main color. In a cameo, smoky Persian and chinchilla cats, the distinction between the undercoat, the color of the undercoat, and the color at the ends of the hairs is very clear. Eye color is set for each breed.

Persian Cats With Markings

These are Persian cats with Siamese features: a dark “mask” on the face, ears, limbs and tail. The breed was bred in the United States by crossing monochromatic Persian cats with Siamese cats with initially brown markings.These cute cats have a long, thick, soft to the touch hair, there is a clearly visible collar on the neck. The body is dense, on short thick limbs, the tail is short, shaggy, with a blunt end. 

A pointed tail is undesirable for this breed; a “knotted” or “crocheted” tail is considered a defect. The head is large, round, with small ears well overgrown with hair that forms bristles; cheeks full, well developed; the nose is short. The eyes are large, round, wide-open, bright blue, rich in tone. If the type and shape of the head is the same as that of the Siamese cat, it is considered a defect.

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