Kitten Coming Home Guide [what Are the Things I Should Prepare?]

For a kitten to be healthy and cheerful, it does not need so much: delicious food … and your love.

A small fluffy lump squeaks plaintively and pokes its nose into your palm. What does he want? Of course, eat! Before the baby was in your house, the mother-cat took care of his nutrition, feeding the baby with her milk. Now you have to become a “cat mom”. And that means – to study in detail the features of the cat’s “children’s” menu and develop a diet for the four-legged crumbs. Indeed, in order to gain strength and grow, small kittens, like small children, need to eat right.

Is there a little meow in your house soon? Get ready! Buy everything you need, think over the diet of the pussy.

When you bring home a little fluffy miracle, there will be a lot of joyful exclamations and affection. But at the same time it is also a responsibility and new concerns. Make a shopping and to-do list in advance so you don’t forget anything.

Things You Should Prepare For A New Kitty Coming Home

House, sofa or perinka?

The little purr must have its place. The choice of houses, couches, sofas, baskets and feather beds for cats is large – for every taste and budget. It doesn’t matter if the kitten’s house is made of fabric, wicker or something else, but it should be easy to clean.

In addition, do not forget to purchase: a

  • scratching post (sometimes it is located on the wall of the house);
  • two bowls: for food (smaller) and for water (larger);
  • comb for wool;
  • claw cutting;
  • tray – small, with low sides;
  • filler for the tray, as well as two scoops for cleaning it: with and without holes;
  • toys: rag mice, rubber balls;
  • carrying (it is necessary – after all, the kitten will need to be taken for vaccinations).
  • Children’s menu: all-inclusive

Decide what the baby will eat: ready-made food or “natural” food. If you choose the first option – do not be too lazy to read reviews on Internet sites about each brand of cat food, seek advice from familiar “cat lovers” who already use this or that food.

When you decide on a company, buy one pack of food designed specifically for kittens first – as a rule, each manufacturer has a “baby” segment.

Do you want to cook for the cat yourself? Then make up the menu in advance – after all, the baby needs a balanced diet (and it is recommended to feed him 5 times a day up to 4-5 months).

Don’t forget to buy vitamins and mineral supplements. Sow wheat or oats ahead of time: Cats love to chew on fresh grass.

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