Keeping An Eye On Your Pet 24/7? Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review 2021

Choosing the best Pet Camera is really a daunting task basing on the variety of options you have to pick from. That is why we have prepared this Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review that will assist you to choose the best and the one Pet Camera that suits your needs.

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✅ Must-buy Home Security Device – Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Reliable security device for home – The intellectual camera system is inserted. The pixels of the pictures taken are of high resolution so you could monitor your house situation at all times. If you have pets at home, you can also check their status by looking at the screen when you are at work!

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Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review Overview: 4.0/5

  • Design: 4/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4/5
  • Features: 3.5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

In this Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review, we will look at the various factors that you have to consider before purchasing an Arlo Security Camera. You can end up making the wrong decision if you do not look into the factors that you need to understand when buying a Home Security Camera. But you don’t have to worry; you are in the right place.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Arlo Home Security Camera


  • The Netgear Arlo Camera is completely wireless.
  • Easy to install.
  • Night vision and Vivid color video quality.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • The Arlo camera also enables you to keep an eye on your pets and see what they are doing outdoor when you are away from home.
  • The Arlo Camera allows you to keep an eye on your pregnant pets so that you can be there when the beautiful moment arrives.
  • The Arlo camera also allows you to keep an eye on your pet sitters and ensure they are gaining their keep and are nice to your feathered and furred friends.
  • Also, the Arlo camera enables you to see what happens to your pets when you are not at home and take the necessary steps to keep your pets smiling.


  • The Arlo Camera lacks dynamic tilt, pan and zoom options.
  • No audio recording.


When you receive your package comprising of the Netgear Arlo Home Security Kit, you will realize that it comes with two High Definition Weatherproof cameras equipped with night vision, and eight CR123 lithium-ion batteries which mean that four batteries in each camera though they can operate with just two batteries. Other products you will come across include two magnetic mounts for quick setup anyplace and also a hub that connects the camera to the router.

Both the camera and the hub are finished in glossy white plastic. You will also find an Ethernet cable and two mounting screws. The kit comes with four metallic mounting tools which you can attach to the wall using the included screws and the drywall anchors.

Introduction To Netgear Arlo Camera

The Netgear Arlo Camera is a completely wireless High Definition Home Security Camera that meets your requirements. What makes the Arlo Camera outstanding even in harsh weather conditions is that these cameras are weatherproof. This means that you can place it indoor or outdoor, it can be in trees. This camera is capable of capturing clips and sending you alerts; it does not matter whether you are at home or away carrying out your activities.

The Arlo camera includes night vision thus enabling you to see what is trending in the dark, motion detection which senses anything that moves and sends you notifications and alerts in case anything runs, and apps which enable you to view live clips while at home or away securely. The Arlo camera also includes Free cloud storage which allows you to store and review recent activities with the cloud storage.

Design And Features

The Arlo Camera kit comes with 4 metallic mounting devices which enable you to attach to the wall with the comprised screws and the drywall anchors. Each camera is equipped with a powerful magnet mount entrenched in the back of its casing. You can attach the camera to the mounting equipment deprived of any additional hardware or even screws. The Arlo cameras and the base station are finished in an attractive glossy white varnish.

The cameras are lightweight weighing around 4 ounces and are small measuring 2.5 inches by 1.6 inches by 2.8 inches. The cameras are IP65 waterproof. In addition, they can run in harsh temperatures ranging from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can install them outdoors in harsh weather conditions like ice. Each Arlo Camera uses four CR123 lithium-ion batteries. What makes the batteries of these cameras outstanding is that they can last for about four to six months. The Arlo cameras are 100 percent wire –free. This means that the cameras have no outlets, no cords, and no limits on where your cameras can reach or what they can record. Installing the Arlo cameras can take you only 10 minutes or less.

Each camera has 1280 by 720 peak resolution and a 130-degree wide field of view. The cameras feature 12 infrared LEDs which provide night vision within a range of up to 25 feet. The Arlo cameras support motion detection which you can configure to trigger push notification and email alerts when the cameras sense anything that is moving. The Arlo cameras have an operating range of about 300 feet with the base station through Wi-Fi. Under optimal conditions, these cameras can cover the 300 feet range if there are few or no obstacles like walls and trees which can interfere with the signal.

The base station measures 6.5-inches by 8.5-inches by 2.3-inches and has two USB ports, LAN port, Power Button, Reset Switch, and power Jack situated at the back. Five LED status signs such as the Internet, Power, camera, USB, and Smart Home are located at the front.

Inside The App

There is an Arlo Camera App both for iOS and Android devices like tablets and smartphones. There is also a Web Portal that enables you to log in right from the browser of your PC. The live-streaming interface of this cameras has play and pause buttons, and you can also watch numerous live streams simultaneously or look at a single camera in full-screen view. The live stream mode enables you to record live video and take photos on demand and also fine-tune the brightness level.

The library mode provides you with a list of recorded videos and the snapshots which are stored in the cloud storage. When you click on any file, you will be able to view the photos and videos, share them through email, download them to your devices, or delete them. The Arlo Application also has a mode screen that enables you to create motion detection schedules. In the mode screen, you can also be able to specify times and dates when you need the motion detection of the cameras to be enabled or disabled. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection in Settings Menus and also improve the recorded video quality. Also, you can make rules to have the email alerts and push notifications sent once the motion is sensed.

Installation And Performance

Installing the Arlo Camera system is very simple. You only need to connect the Ethernet cable of your hub and the power cord to your router, then connect your cameras to the base station and wait for power and the Internet LEDs to go green. Then download the Arlo application using the QR code which you will find in the instruction guide included and then create an account using your email address.

Choose the service plan you desire. The FREE service plan allows you to sync up to a maximum of five cameras. There is also a thirty-day service plan which costs 10 dollars per month and enables you to sync up to a maximum of ten cameras. Another option is a sixty-day service plan which costs 15 dollars per month and lets you to sync up to a maximum of 15 cameras. You will require more than one hub in order to accommodate so many cameras.

Once you choose your service plan, install the batteries into the cameras, and now it is time to sync your cameras. To sync the cameras, you will have to press the sync button situated on the hub and the sync button located on every camera. You will notice a Blue LED blinking on the camera for around 20 seconds, and you are ready to mount your cameras anyplace the range of the hub will allow.

You will realize that the Arlo cameras are capable of delivering sharp 720p images with vivid color quality. The black and white night vision live stream is bright and the motion detection feature works very beautifully. The email alerts and the push notifications are consistent with the motion triflers and crisp, recording clean video with each event. The outdoor camera does not fail despite being subjected to high temperatures and wind-blown ice for a few days.

Final Verdict

The Netgear Arlo Home Security camera is a smart choice if you are planning to install indoor and outdoor security cameras. The Arlo Cameras are weatherproof; you can install these cameras anywhere you desire to monitor activities in and around your house. The Arlo cameras produce High Definition videos ensuring you always obtain a crystal clear images of precisely what is going on and the Arlo motion detection alerts you when the pets are moving to where they shouldn’t be going.

Arlo cameras stores your recordings for free for the first seven days in the cloud storage thus you don’t have to worry about missing every event. The Arlo cameras feature a night vision which makes observing tight areas in the dark a snap. If you are tired of dealing with wires every time you want to install a security camera, then the Arlo Home Security Camera is a perfect choice. With these cameras you don’t have to worry about the wires or the cords, the Arlo cameras are Wire-free.

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