Is Your Cat Keep Messing Up Your Favourite Spots? Tips For Effective Cat Litter Box Training (2022)

Training your cat how to use a litterbox properly is not a child’s play. But it can be an interesting and fun way to interact with your cat. Here’s what all you need to understand while training your cat not to dirty your favourite persian carpet.

Cats like their privacy as much as we like. So, please do not expect that your cat will come out in the open and defecate in front of every body.

The basic step to begin with:

  • Choose a secluded corner in a room or lobby: Demonstrate the use of litterbox to your cat initially. They generally pick up very fast, therefore it is not much of a problem. Always keep the litterbox neat or clean otherwise the end result can be worse than what you imagined. The cat may end up prefering your neat and clean sofa set instead.
  • Use scoopable litters: They are generally a better option as compared to other varieties. Both urine and feces should be removed from the box.
  • Not all cats will like the same type of litters: Some may like the clay one while some other may completely abhor it. It depends upon individual preferences. It is better if we understand the type of litterbox our cats likes best.
  • The size of the litter should be in accordance with the height of the cat: A too high or too low litter will not serve the purpose and your cat may miss the target more often than not.
  • If you have more than one cat at your home, place a separate litter box for each of them. Do not ever punish her for not using her litterbox.
  • In case of any accident, support her instead of punishing her: She is as much upset about the fact as you are. Giving her food at regular intervals helps in predicting the elimination time. This will help you in keeping an eye on the cat at that time.
  • If your cat sleeps for more than two hours, wake her up and ask her to visit the litterbox. Appreciate your cat every time she goes to the litterbox, even if she does not eliminates.
  • Teach her that her litterbox is not something dirty but a well maintained and a fun place to be in. It is easy for a kitten to confuse food tray for her litter box and vice versa. Since, you are the more knowledgeable one, teach her the difference.
  • One can also use “pet behave spray” at the places where we do not want them to defecate. It has a pungent smell which will discourage your pet from eliminating near that area.

Most cats will not like scented litter though their owners may take a fancy for it. Remember, it’s not for you but for your kitty.

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