If You Want A Pet Camera That Also Offers Interaction With Your Pet: ‘Petcube Play’ Review 2021

What do your pets do when you aren’t with them? This is a question that most pet owners have. Nothing can replace your furry friends because they’re your family. It’s only natural to wonder what they do when you’re away.

Companies have developed cameras that let you watch your pets. However, only few offer the ability to interact with your pets via remote access. The Petcube Play is a great pet cam option that allows you to see, talk to and play with your pets.

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✅ Petcube Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Handy & interactive pet camera recommended for you – This pet camera is very easy to set up. The camera could capture the entire room view, much wider than any other cameras you could have seen. The night vision, laser works and picture quality are all perfect.

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Petcube Play Overview 4.8/5.0

  • Design: 5/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • AV-Quality: 5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

Read this Petcube Play review to find out how it works and what makes it so great.


  • One of the biggest advantages that we noticed for this pet cam review is how small the Petcube Play is. You can set it on a table or shelf, and the rubber bottom keeps it in place. It has a mount too so that you can set it up on a tripod.
  • The camera produces 1080p video quality, and it has decent night vision. What sets it apart from other pet cameras is its laser pointer. This allows you to play with your pets via the Petcube App when you’re not home.
  • The app also makes for easy setup and remote use. Furthermore, Petcube offers free standard shipping in the United States, a 30-day guarantee and a one-year warranty.


  • There’s one main disadvantage to take away from this Petcube Play review: The optional cloud storage service called Petcube Care is a little on the expensive side.
  • Another disadvantage is that there’s a noticeable amount of lag while using the laser pointer.


Packaging is everything when you have an expensive device shipped to your home. Petcube couldn’t have made the device more secure. It arrived in a shipping box with bubble and foam inserts around it. The black packaging sleeve and brown box inside of it featured design and technical highlights about the pet cam and its accessories.

To delve into the product for this pet cam review, the top half of the brown box slid right off. The camera was wrapped in foam and sitting upright in a beautiful presentation similar to what you get with packaging for high-end mobile phones and video game consoles. Underneath it were the rest of the accessories. Below is a list of everything that comes in the box.

  •  Petcube Play pet camera,
  •  user guide,
  •  AC power adapter for USB,
  •  very long cable with regular and Type-C USB connectors,
  •  reset pin for resetting the app and Wi-Fi connection on the device, and
  •  three logo stickers.
  •  Design and Highlights

The size of the Petcube Play is shocking when you think about all of the features that it has. More compact than the original Petcube Camera, the new addition to the lineup measures 3 inches all around and weights just 1.3 pounds. This makes it the smallest pet cam available. Also a first for pet cameras, you can order the device in three colors: carbon black, matte silver and rose gold.

For this Petcube Play review, we ordered the carbon black. Placed on black shelving, the pet cam blends in well and is only noticeable when you look right at it.

From the front, you can see the camera, infrared sensor and laser. All of these are encased in a brushed aluminum box, which gives the Petcube Play a clean and sophisticated appearance. There’s also a light above the camera that indicates when it’s connected.

The bottom has a nonslip grip and a standard tripod mounting bracket. This gives you multiple setup options. Although we prefer to place it on a shelf, we tested the tripod for this pet cam review. Because of its small size and square shape, the Petcube Play remains balanced. Also on the bottom is a reset button for the device, which you can press with the reset pin that comes in the package.

On the back of the Petcube Play is the Type-C USB charging port. The chew-proof cord that comes with the device is at least 6 feet long. The AC power adapter is 5 volts at 2 amps, which is standard among modern electronic devices.

Technical Features

 Along with 1080p video, the camera in the Petcube Play offers a 138-degree wide-angle view. It also features night vision for low and no light conditions and three times zoom.

The speaker and microphone allow you to talk to and hear your pets. The sound and motion alerts send notifications to your phone so that you know when something major happens with your pets.

The Petcube App is available for devices with iOS 8 and Android 4.3 or newer. It allows you to see, talk to and play with your pets while you’re away. You can play with your pet with the built-in interactive laser. It even has an autoplay mode so that you can keep your pets entertained when you’re busy.

Performance Review

For this Petcube Play review, the video quality was pretty impressive. The zoom worked well and didn’t blur as much as expected. The sound quality was par compared to other pet cams. It comes through clear, but it lags a little bit.

The laser game also has some noticeable lag. However, it works great considering that you can control it from across the world. The light for the laser is brighter than other pet toys, which makes it easier to see in well-lit conditions.

The Petcube App is one of the best in the market because of its range of abilities. One of these is interacting with other people’s pets. This only works for people who make their pet cams public. Additionally, the app allows you to modify the sound and motion notifications as well as alert your pets to your virtual presence.

Final Verdict

Why wait until you get home from work, school or errands to spend time with your pets? With a high-quality camera, clear sound and interactive laser, the Petcube Play allows you to give them attention throughout the day. It’s also useful for helping your pets burn energy and calm down if they’re distressed.

For this pet cam review, the camera was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It also performed better than most other cameras on the market. With such great performance, the Petcube Play is a worthwhile investment.

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