Ideas to Keep Your Pet Bird Occupied & Happy 2022

Have you thought about getting your pet bird a toy that is safe and natural?

What price are birds toys? If it keeps your bird from attacking the other birds or pulling out his own feathers, the price is probably fairly high. And you can get bird toys at or below this price due to the new pet bird toys made from ropes, plastic beads and wood stapes; toys that will amuse your bird for hours.

The new bird toys are not just the plastic ladder and mirror with bells that used to be all you could get. Now they are mass assemblies of string and rope, with plastic beads or wood shapes tied on many of the string ends. Or you can get small foot toys that keep your bird amused while he displays his foot dexterity.

The choices vary by the size of bird the toy is intended for and the materials you think he will like best. Or you can get buy bird toys supplies and make your own toys, trying different parts until you determine what your bird likes the most. Then you can make your bird his own custom toys, and use the other parts for toys you can give as gifts to other pet bird owners.

The new pet bird toy is colorful as well as having a number of different textures. The dies used are safe food coloring. That means the new bird toy is a colorful addition to the cage and the room. If you make your own bird toy, you can set the color scheme to match the furniture or drapes near the cage. This is perhaps the ultimate in custom bird toys, and your friends and family will be impressed, even if they kid you about the matching bird toy.

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