How to Take Care of Pet Pig at Home 2022 [must Know]


You can easily buy special piglet feed in the USA. Pet pigs should not be fed large pig food as it is very caloric and their main problem is being overweight. There are known cases of animals that were so restored by their owners that they could not even get up from their bedding to use the litter box. They had to be returned to special shelters, where they fought to improve their condition. They must not be served sweets, table scraps, and even a small amount of chocolate can lead to their death.

The food consists of grain products, vegetables (except raw potatoes), and much less fruit and greens. We absolutely do not use dog or cat food and we do not serve meat.


Pigs, even not trained to do so, always choose one place for their physiological needs. We can teach them to use a suitably sized and not too tall litter box, filled with shavings (cedar shavings are not allowed) or ship with newspapers. Cat litter, which a curious piggy can eat and ends up badly, must not be used. The pigs should be bathed once in a while, and after bathing, lubricate their skin with oil or lotion. It is important to clean your ears regularly, but without using any liquid substances!

A place to sleep

While many pigs are said to sleep in bed with their owners, we obviously don’t recommend it. A perfect place is bedding like for a dog with the addition of a few smaller and larger pieces of a blanket, from which the pig carefully arranges its nest and covers itself with them.


Good upbringing is very important. Badly behaved and over-spoiled pigs can perfectly use their intelligence to terrorize their owners.

Pigs can be trained, they can execute many commands. Pigs not intended for breeding should be castrated. Then they cause much fewer educational problems. They should be provided with a wide variety of toys, ranging from simple cardboard boxes, old telephone books, to specially made-up constructions for pigs. Pigs are very fond of games and are very willing to train, provided that only positive reinforcement is used – that is, rewarding appropriate behavior, and not disciplining.


In summer, pigs are very happy to be in the garden. We must be careful not to destroy it. They must be protected against animal attacks, and also, which is not excluded, against “pig-napping” or kidnapping-theft. Better not to think about how our kidnapped piggy can end up! Pigs are very grateful to be able to swim in a pool with very shallow water. The skin of these animals, especially white ones, is sensitive to the sun. It is imperative to provide them with a shady place to rest. Not being able to shelter in the shade may result in a sunstroke.

Pigs are afraid of frost and must be protected against it. They must not stay in unheated rooms in winter, and they should go out for short walks inappropriate clothes. At this time of the year, they prefer to take care of their physiological needs at home.

Threats and Problems:

Poisonous Plants in the home and garden (many potted plants are poisonous).
Electric cables.

Unfortunately, pigs, despite their intelligence, are not able to distinguish between edible things and things that are dangerous to their health. You have to reckon with the fact that the pig will try to swallow everything that is within its reach. Sooner or later, the piggy will open any unsecured cupboard or drawer, tear a garbage bag or pull a tablecloth from the table with everything that has happened on it. Areas initially unavailable due to mumps growth or fears will be carefully examined by the mumps over time.

Vietnamese pigs should not be left alone at home for extended periods of time. These are animals that require contact with their keepers. Bored piggies become destructive and can ruin the apartment.


There are a number of diseases that these animals are at risk of. Obesity has already been mentioned, often suffer from respiratory diseases and skin diseases, and constipation. You should always watch them carefully because the symptoms of constipation are similar to the symptoms of gastrointestinal obstruction caused by swallowing an object. This requires immediate veterinary attention!

Animals must be regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

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