How to Take Care of Italian Greyhound Puppy? [baby Care]

To take good care of the Italian Greyhound puppy the dog owner needs to provide adequate food, water, housing, and medical care. The dog owner should also follow the breeder’s recommendations regarding feeding, exercise, and general care.

Remember, puppies are babies also!  They need plenty of love, rest, freshwater, quality puppy food, a warm and dry place to sleep, and exercise.

Whatever your education level, employment background, the language you speak, your religion, race, or political party, you can be moved and can chuckle at the antics of an Italian Greyhound puppy. Their vulnerability and charm, clumsy attempts to discover a world that can be dangerous. My nurturing instincts (nature has implanted deep in the genes of every male and female, child and grandparent), kick in when the first puppy crawls out of the whelping box. At that time, I immediately start to worry about the electric cords, toys they might choke on, the other adult dogs that might harm them or play too rough with them.

And loving Italian Greyhound puppies are good for us! We live longer and take better care of ourselves if we have a puppy (eventually a dog) to care for also. Puppies bring us closer to our prehistoric, cave-man, animal needing selves. Raising an Italian Greyhound puppy can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Also, once that puppy becomes a full-grown dog, the bond you have created during those first years can solidify into the kind of relationship that will sustain you throughout your dog’s lifetime and beyond.

Argos was an old hound dog raised as a puppy by Odysseus, in Homer’s The Odyssey. Living long past his expectancy (20 years), Argos couldn’t do much but sit around Odysseus’ palace and wait for his master’s return. Many long years passed, and most presumed Odysseus dead in a foreign land, but Argos continued to live, just barely, and wait for his master.

One day: [A] hound that lay there raised his head and pricked up his ears, Argos, the hound of Odysseus. Recognizing his master’s approach from afar, Argos lifted his head, raised his old bones from the ground, let out a single whimper, and died. The dog lived 20 years, waiting on his master BECAUSE Odysseus had raised him as a puppy.

How old are Italian Greyhounds when they can be spayed/neutered?

A vet can neuter a male that is over 8 weeks old, but the females have to wait until they are older (about 6 months old) to be spayed.

What are you feeding the Italian Greyhound puppy?

I recommend Purina Pro-Plan Select until he is 1 year old and then changes to the Adult. For the first couple of days, if they don’t want to eat, give him chicken or lamb…. a hamburger-rice mixture is good. Put a little lemon in the
water, to neutralize it for the first 3 or 4 days until he gets used to the water.

Taste the water to make sure you don’t add too much lemon and make it bitter, otherwise, they won’t drink it. This keeps him from getting diarrhea. If he does have a little blood in his stool, don’t worry as long as it is a bright red and it is a small amount. This can be caused by stress when changing to his new home.

What kind of training will the Italian Greyhound puppy need?

It is always good to enroll the puppy in a puppy kindergarten class which is usually after he is 4 months old. He will learn the basic obedience and a simple “down”.

How do I introduce my new Italian Greyhound puppy to my other dogs?

Pick a neutral territory if you can.

Pick up the Italian Greyhound puppy by the back of his neck and support his butt with the other hand. When you put him down, put one hand on the scruff of his neck and put only his rear feet on the ground.

That gesture should immediately send the Italian Greyhound puppy into a relaxed state. Back feet on the ground, front feet up in the air, you are holding him up by the back of his neck. As the other dog(s) gathers around, bringing him to the ground. His tail might be partially between his legs, if so pick up his front feet until he relaxes. Let the other dogs sniff him, they should accept him, if he is relaxed.

Within a few minutes, the Italian Greyhound puppy will be happily and confidently exploring his new environment.

Do you take care of a Italian Greyhound puppy like he is a baby?

One of my rules in life is that we must respect animals as the beings they are. Your Italian Greyhound puppy is a “future dog”. As much as you want a near-human friend, the Italian Greyhound puppy will never be that. Recognize and honor its animal nature, and resist co-opting them into being our children.

Babies are essentially helpless creatures for many months (years in fact), Italian Greyhound puppies come into this world as tiny little survivors. A three-day-old Italian Greyhound puppy will strive to assert its dominance over its siblings by pushing them away from the nipple. By pampering an Italian Greyhound puppy as if they were helpless babies — carrying them like purses, indulging them, not scolding them — we spoil their progress as a dog. You are probably going to nurture fear, anxiety, aggression, or dominance.

We can condemn our Italian Greyhounds to lives of instability and stress, by making them humans. There is so much stress on humans, some can’t take it. How is a little Italian Greyhound puppy going to handle it? You need to take the Italian Greyhound out of the purse, get another Italian Greyhound puppy for him to “pack” (play) with, so he knows he is a dog. You won’t kill the Italian Greyhound if his feet touch the ground.

Overall Greyhound puppies care will take some work, and will need to include a lot of daily exercises. Continue learning…

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