How To Take Care Of Albino Burmese Python?

In a pet store, there was a stunning Albino Python that I got to see. It was yellow, orange, and white all at the same time. According to the man, they can grow to be over 6 feet long, but they are not aggressive. How difficult is it to take care of them?

The price of the snake was less than one thousand dollars, it was most likely an albino Burmese python. Although they do not grow to be as large as Burmese Pythons, Ball Pythons have a coloration that is almost identical to that of the latter.

The person who assisted you was correct when he stated that they get higher than 6 feet; however, he neglected to mention that it will happen within the next year. The Burmese python is considered to be one of the true giant snake species, on par with anacondas. Albinos are no exception. My experience with the largest one I’ve ever dealt with saw it measure 15 feet in length and weigh close to 200 pounds. It had only been around for 6 years.

The upkeep of a cage that is large enough for these animals, as well as maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity, can be quite costly.

However, if they believe they are going to be fed, they can become quite submissive. This is something to keep in mind. When dealing with a snake of that size, even the smallest act of carelessness can have severe consequences. There have been far too many documented instances of people being killed by their pet python, and this is a problem.

The process is as uncomplicated as this. I was providing nourishment to a Burmese that stood about a foot taller than 12 feet and weighed about 120 pounds. It was an animal that I had worked with in live animal programs on multiple occasions. He reached for the edge of the cage instead of the dead rat that he had just missed.

They have poor vision but are still able to carry out activities such as that. I had to drop the rat in order to grab it by the head and remove it from the cage; otherwise, it would have taken the rat some time to figure out what was going on. When it came time to release my grip on the animal’s head, I was kneeling when I received the instruction to stand up first.

When I finally did let go, it sprang out of the cage with its mouth wide open, still searching for the rat that it could still smell. I took a step back, and it followed me all the way out of the cage, keeping its head approximately three feet off the ground the entire time. I had thawed out another dead rat, and the snake was able to grab that one after I offered it the first one.

Since the snake curled up into a ball when it believed it had successfully killed the rat, it was simple to place it back in its cage while it was curled up in a ball. If I hadn’t thought to stand up and if it had grabbed me while I was kneeling, I might not have been able to get it off of me. I could have been in a lot of trouble.

If you absolutely must have a yellow and white snake as a pet, you owe it to yourself to put some money aside so that you can buy an albino ball python.

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