How To Take Care Of A Ferret? – 10 Things To Know Before Adoption/Buying

My life is short.

Every separation from you is therefore
particularly painful for me.
Think about that before you get me.

I am not your status symbol.

I am not your toy.
I want to be your comrade and friend

Make me understand what you are asking of me.

Show me that you trust me
and don’t treat me like a being without a brain
and without feelings.
Be of the nature and character of yourself
as you expect me to.

If you ever get upset, don’t use me

as a lightning rod for your feelings.
If I have done wrong, I am never angry for long,
it was definitely not my intention to offend you.

Talk to me!

Even if I don’t quite understand your words, I do understand
your voice, which addresses me.
My self-confidence and my love for you
will be your reward.

Know: however I am dealt with,
I will never forget it. 

you have your work, friends, your pleasure – but I only have you.

Before you hit me, remember

that my teeth could easily bite your hand, but
I don’t use them.

Should I ever show poor performance, consider:

Maybe I am plagued by a feeling of malaise, but
maybe I already have a worn-out heart.

Take care of me and take care of me when I get old.

You too will be old and need help.

Walk every difficult course with me.

Please never say, “I can’t see something like this” or “I want
it to happen in my absence”.

By Room For Pets

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