How To Take Care Of A Ferret? – 10 Things To Know Before Adoption/Buying

My life is short.

Every separation from you is therefore
particularly painful for me.
Think about that before you get me.

I am not your status symbol.

I am not your toy.
I want to be your comrade and friend

Make me understand what you are asking of me.

Show me that you trust me
and don’t treat me like a being without a brain
and without feelings.
Be of the nature and character of yourself
as you expect me to.

If you ever get upset, don’t use me

as a lightning rod for your feelings.
If I have done wrong, I am never angry for long,
it was definitely not my intention to offend you.

Talk to me!

Even if I don’t quite understand your words, I do understand
your voice, which addresses me.
My self-confidence and my love for you
will be your reward.

Know: however I am dealt with,
I will never forget it. 

you have your work, friends, your pleasure – but I only have you.

Before you hit me, remember

that my teeth could easily bite your hand, but
I don’t use them.

Should I ever show poor performance, consider:

Maybe I am plagued by a feeling of malaise, but
maybe I already have a worn-out heart.

Take care of me and take care of me when I get old.

You too will be old and need help.

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