How To Stop Your Pet Ferret From Biting [Useful Tips For Home Training 2022]

Training ferrets not to bite involves the repeated and persistent application of some techniques and tools which can be modified slightly depending on the reaction of the individual ferret. Nevertheless it can be achieved relatively quickly.

The usual and most effective technique is known as scruffing, and is not dissimilar to how the young ferret or kit is treated in its natural habitat. To do this, you pick it up by the skin at the back of its neck, hold its mouth closed and give a sharp “No”. Then by dragging it a short distance along the floor your dominance is established. Do not shake or squeeze the ferret while doing this. Some persistence will be required.

Other physical solutions can be introduced such as separating from any companions, distracting using toys and with care, using the occasional light without over-feeding or over-rewarding them.

If further reinforcement is required, then bitter apple spray on a finger and if necessary on a small clean stick that can be placed on the ferret’s tongue can help in some but not all cases. Again a sharp “No” command should be issued as your ferret experiences the taste.

Subjecting a ferret to physical punishment more severe than scruffing, other than being cruel, is counter-productive. It creates a fearful animal which is all the more likely to react aggressively in future.

Persistent use of the above techniques should prove successful with some patience.

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