How To keep Freshwater Angelfish?

Freshwater angelfishes are a very popular tropical fish, being both attractive and graceful to observe, generally peaceful and non-destructive. Keeping a group of angelfishes in an aquarium just for them is highly recommended. This gives them the opportunity to exhibit their behavior without them either being hassled by tiger barbs nipping their fins, or adult angelfish bullying other species.

 A few points about keeping freshwater angelfishes:

  • Plants with long trailing leaves are eminently suitable for angelfish to rest in and weave gracefully through.
  • Angelfish will actually eat food directly from human fingers; they can be fed commercial foods or small live foods.
  • Avoid bright light in the angelfish aquarium. Some types of angelfish can lose their color in prolonged light and they are at their best when the contrasting dark bands and lighter colorations can be seen clearly.
  • Angelfish sometimes eat their eggs and the young fry. This often happens the first time around with young adult angelfish. They will usually spawn again quickly and more successfully, but you may choose to remove the fry or separate them as soon as they look strong enough. It is a natural behavior and will usually right itself as the new parents mature.
  • Keep any surface that might be chosen as an egg-laying spot away from heat sources as angelfish eggs will not hatch if exposed directly to heat.
  • Angelfish can be observed in mouth fighting as part of their mating rituals.
  • Partial water changes are best when cleaning the water for angelfish. The water should normally be slightly acidic and heated to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to care for your tropical fish at home?

You will be pleased to know that caring for tropical fish is not difficult. Unlike other pets that require round-the-clock grooming, tropical fish will not make huge demands on your precious time. If you have a hectic job and don’t get home too late, you have nothing to worry about as far as your tropical fish are concerned.

Your tropical fish pet won’t hold the fact that you’ve been out for most of the day against you. This is not to suggest though that you can safely ignore your tropical fish pet indefinitely. No way! You still need to pay attention to it, just not as much as you would need to for a dog.  

There are so many tropical fish species including both saltwater and freshwater  types of aquarium fish.  You can choose from angel fish, african chiclids, catfish, plecos, neon, betta fish, tetras, and even goldfish to name a few.

Here are some guidelines and general fish information for taking care of your tropical fish.

  • Control The Temperature Of The Water for Your Tropical Fish

It is important to keep the water in the tank properly oxygenated and at the right temperature. This will maximize the comfort of your pet fish. An electronic device is part of your basic setup and is the best way to regulate the temperature of the water, and make sure that it is just right for your tropical fish pet. They work so well and do not increase water temperature so suddenly to make it harmful to the fish.

You need to be aware that various types of tropical fish are sensitive to abrupt aquatic temperature changes, so be careful with temperature regulation. Do you need a temperature regulator for your pond or aquarium? Most pet shops should stock temperature regulators. Typically, you should also be able to get most of your supplies for your tropical pet fish from the pet shop too. So this shouldn’t be a major concern to you.

  • Test The Quality Of The Water

Apart from water temperature, it is also important to monitor water quality. A water quality test kit will let you measure the salt content of the water, as well as the dissolved oxygen content and levels of ammonia, and nitrate plus the water pH. This test kit will assist you in adjusting the properties of the water and keep your fish safe and well. You will almost certainly be able to obtain water test kits from the same pet shop that you bought your fish from. Just ask the shop assistants.

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