How To Get A Potbelly Pig To Lose Weight & Be Healthy?

Pigs are not animals that must be exercised, such as several dog breeds. But there is no one who feels bad about moving – not even pigs. But you have to adapt the length of the walk to what is reasonable for their small legs. Another reason why it can be good to take a walk from time to time is that the pig gets mental stimulation.

Chico goes for a walk about 3 times / week and in the beginning it took over an hour to walk around the block. If you walk the distance yourself, you do it in about 15 minutes. But Chico has to smell, eat and roar just about everywhere. We always went the same round eachtime, because I have read that one should because they are addicted animals and should not be subjected to major changes too often. But when we are on holiday or out on other adventures, there are other walking turns and for Chico it seems almost more fun. Then he likes to run and does not smell as much at all. He has a lot of running in his legs when he has a soft surface, but when it is asphalt or gravel roads it does not go as fast. As autumn approached, Chico froze a little, I understood, because he curled up and the brush stood up in all directions. 

When we go out for a walk, he now chooses to go elsewhere. He runs around and seems much happier than when we go the usual round. It seems that Chico thinks that new areas are much more exciting and rewarding than going the same lap every night. But everyone is different! I have chosen to steer him to a shorter loop when it is a little cooler. 

Since Chico has free access to the garden, he moves a lot even without walking. He seems to thrive more if he can move. I do not want to just lie and laze, not yet in any case – although it may come when he gets older.

Reduce stress and know How To Get A Potbelly Pig To Lose Weight & Be Healthy?

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