How To Draw A Cat? Tips To Spend Boring Quarantine By Illustrating Animals 2022

In this section, we turn to the animalistic genre. You probably already know that an artist who draws animals is called an animalist (from Latin: anima – animal).

To learn how to draw animals, one must love them, admire their natural beauty – this is the main condition. If you, noticing a washing cat, cannot take your eyes off her, you have a chance to become an animalist. The animalist transfers his admiration for the beauty of the cat on paper, and it is transmitted to the audience.

Another prerequisite for successful work in the animalistic genre is constant observation. But in order to observe animals, you need to see them, which in urban conditions is not so easy to do.

Many novice animalists immediately want to draw wild animals that you won’t find here, except perhaps on the TV screen. I can say that the structure of all living beings is very similar. Therefore, before drawing a lion, you can thoroughly study the appearance and behavior of an ordinary domestic Murka.

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